Monday, April 3, 2017

Judging Angels Ready

[UPDATE OUT IN APRIL] It won't be long now. Judging Angels is all set up for printing and looks fantastic. The Bear could not be more pleased by the early reviews. Now the Bear must walk through the valley of the shadow of edits and submit his final comments, pleas, and rawrs. Bears can work pretty quickly. The Bear will try to get a publishing date and details about how you can get your own autographed copies through this ephemeris.

If you believe you have a free copy coming to you, please remind the Bear by email to . Please put "FREE COPY" in the subject and remind the Bear of the circumstances, plus your mailing address.

The sequel is rolling along nicely, too, anywhere from a quarter to a third finished. The Bear will toss out some chapter titles when he gets some more. Of course, it will be hard to beat "Hotel Blocks Cops, Tots Chopped," but the Bear will do his ursine best.

New characters, and the domestic drama becomes a full-fledged conspiracy with favorite old characters take on roles of cosmic significance.

Soon, Woodland Creatures! Thank you for your encouragement.


  1. Oh boy! Congratulations, that baby is about to be born!
    Very exciting.

  2. And nobody except beta readers should get a free copy. Make everybody pay! We all surely want to support your great effort. :)

  3. haha Kathleen 1031, Make everybody pay! (I can just hear the Bear now..."Oh, they'll pay, in more ways than one")
    YAY! It will be my happiness to pay.

  4. (Turns out to be a rambling screed against all the Bear's enemies from the last 800 years, each book slathered in genuine Bear slobber.)

  5. Congratulations! I look forward to buying it both for myself and for friends and family.


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