Monday, May 8, 2017

Church Must Tackle Rigidity

Rigidity in the Church is a huge problem, second only to convincing Pope Francis to come out of hiding.


  1. I guess Pope Francis believes it is better to be locked in the prison of ones own sins. What an unspeakable person he is!

  2. These are such odd odd times.

    I saw one Catholic blogger conflate a desire for confession behind the screen (rather than face to face with confessor) as an "intimacy" issue for the penitent.

    I guess I spend too much time on the interwebz, huh?

  3. The great heresy of Rigidism raises its ugly head again. It all started with that Benedict guy living in a cave somewhere, instead of reaching out to the peripheries.

  4. Agreed full heartedly. I find myself missing the previous pontificate, with all of it's unexpected twists and turns. Benedict could definitely speak off the cuff, and, wow, the crazy stuff he would say. We're lucky to have such a quite and reserved pope now.


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