Monday, May 15, 2017

Death Penalty Is Now a Mortal Sin SUCKA!


Yeah, in your face. It's official.

The death penalty is a mortal sin. Yep. No ifs and or buts. Oh, did I mention the death penalty was a mortal sin? So knock off that murderous bunk and get over it.

Right here in "America," the official magazine of the smartest Churchmen in the world - our POPE is a Jesuit, after all - it says this:

"Pope Francis: the death penalty is a 'mortal sin' and 'inadmissible.'" 

It's not even just a mortal sin but it's legally inadmissible!

Guess Bear was right all along huh? Because POPE FRANCIS said it. Infallibility baby.

Sit on a death penalty jury and vote for the death penalty? Going to Hell. Or you would be, if there was a Hell to go to that people actually went to.

Warden? You're definitely going to Hell.

Guys who push the buttons that that start the lethal injection process? Hell.

Legislators who vote for the death penalty? Hell. Voters who voted for them? Hell.

Judge? Hell. Bailiff? Hell. Court reporter? Maybe Hell - can't be sure.

You know who's not going to Hell? The guys all the people who are going to Hell executed!

Bear? Death Penalty Defense. NOT going to Hell. Prosecutors? You are so going to Hell. Deepest pit.

This will be the argument from now on. "Ladies and gentlemen, if you vote to send my client to the death chamber, you're sentencing yourself to Hell. It's official. But get this. First of all, you're for slavery. So that's strike number one. Then you're committing the mortal sin of death penalty which is so Hell.

"Oh, what was that? Objection, Hell Boy? Judge, did you really sustain that? A Higher Court just sentenced you to Hell. Contempt? Me? That's Hell, too. Sorry, Don't say I didn't tell you. Lucky LaRue the Ice Pick Nursery Killer and I are going to be eating pizza in Heaven, laughing at every last one of you in Hell. And it's going to be deep dish pizza, Chicago, style. As much as we want.

"What are you going to be eating? Hot gravel and washing it down with battery acid. Not as good as pizza, huh? That's why they call it Hell. Mortal sin."


  1. The Pope wasn't speaking "Ex-Cathedra", so it's not an infallible statement. He also wasn't speaking from the Catechism.

    I'll leave it to others to suggest (with charity) where he was speaking from... again. ����

    1. I think we know exactly where he was speaking from....

      Will someone, anyone PULEEEZE pull the plug on the holy microphone??

  2. The irony meter repairman will be by at 10: a.m. 10:45 a.m. and 1 p.m. tomorrow, respectively. No problem. Free of charge.

  3. What is the frustrating piece for Great Bear -- that the broken clock of Pope Francis said that the death penalty is a moral sin or that a Pope made such a declaration?

    The liar said something true about something important to me so now I have to defend and respect the liar.

    The position that I have spend my life defending has been cheapened because it is not something that can be declared to be an absolute position.

  4. Francis is blathering what he .wants. The Church is not against the Death Penalty. Just because he wants it be be a motrtal sin it isn't. Or rather, the Church if in a state of flux. Blanket statements about the death penalty reinforce the illusion of infallibiliy and on a popular issue. There are great answers to that question. "The Pope said" isn't one of them. I want the death penalty (such a small percentage people hand on to so desperately) to be banned, but because it really is banned, and becase out arguments are better. I am not a slot machine Catholic that pits a quatrervin and hope three cherries done up and the Death Denalty is gone for goof reason.

  5. I wish people would remove their mittens before commenting.

    1. Fr. VF,

      When he gets riled, he morphs a bit more into bear, and that makes typing difficult.

      Still debating whether I want to poke him where he's tender right now with my own response.

  6. Sorry, but neurological issues can be a PITA.

  7. So all these years the indefectible church taught the grave error of capital punishment. What else did the indefectible church get wrong all these years? Oh yeah the permanent bonds of marriage part and the Jews don't need Jesus part . Soon we'll learn that the indefectible church was wrong on contraception and homosexuality. How is it that the indefectible church has to keep correcting itself? Oh well, I guess we should just be happy all these corrections are finally being made. I feel a chorus of On Eagles Wings coming on.

    Seattle Kim

    1. Don't forget it also taught the grave error that there is no salvation outside the Church, all these centuries as well.


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