Friday, May 5, 2017

The Tragedy of Jorge Bergoglio

The Tragedy of Pope Francis

The Bear sees Pope Francis as a tragic figure.

Not just in the way of a man given a great opportunity whose personality defects ruin it for him.

Not even in the way of a man who, in ignorance and arrogance, makes an effective start in tearing down a great institution.

Truth: the Ultimate Weapon

The Bear sees Pope Francis as tragic mainly because the Bear believes that, in his heart, Francis is convinced he is doing the right thing. No one sets out to be the bad guy. But, even more than that, his weapon is the truth, not lies. The truth is the ultimate weapon. That is his real danger.

Lies can be attacked, beaten. The truth, on the other hand, cannot. One must make complicated counterattacks doomed in advance by a thousand qualifications. But of course, we must respect the Holy Father. But of course, we give our intellectual assent to his magisterium. But of course, mercy is one of the chief elements of the Catholic Faith. 

By the time the orthodox defender of the Faith gets to the first "but," both he and his audience are bored and confused. It is a brilliant strategy.

And, of course, it takes a brave Catholic to challenge the Pope of Rome. Most don't have the guts for it. Loyalty to the Pope, absurdly, is placed at the pinnacle of virtue; it is the mark of a good Catholic, greater than all other virtues, and more important even than adherence to the words of Christ.

"Look at My Humility, My Beloved Descamisados!"

Francis came wearing a deceptively slick persona of humility and mercy. It is not easy to fool the more perceptive for long, however. It did not take much time for him to reveal his arrogance and cruelty and disregard for the Catholic Faith.

No sooner had he boasted of his own humility than his actions revealed the Peronist fraud upon the gullible descamisados - "Why, see? I'm just like you!"

No sooner had he spoken of his own mercy than a long, long enemies list slipped from his white garments: bat Christians and capitalists. Jorge Bergoglio was the outsider who finally got to be the ultimate insider.

How did the cardinals elector not see the danger in putting such a man in charge of the Church? The Bear believes that many did, and elected him anyway, because his weaknesses made him a ready tool for their designs. The rest were empty chairs and fools.

The Real Francis Could Have Made a Great Pope

The Bear happens to believe that the Church could use a more merciful tone. The Bear thinks churchman are, for the most part, insufferably arrogant. A genuine Pope Francis, who was really humble, who was really merciful, could have been a wonderful pope. He could have benefited the Church and enriched the lives of Catholics everywhere.

The Bear confesses he is not even much of a traditionalist. Give him morality that is logically in line with what has been believed everywhere at all times, and ritual approaching the competence of a high school chapter of Servants of the Misty Dawn, and the Bear will happy snooze through Father's ridiculous sermons on interfaith every week. 

Instead, Pope Francis is  just another shabby little South American Marxist, seething with resentment over his failed country that must have somehow been sabotaged by those rotten northerners who have gotten rich at his expense. Steal the Malvinas, will they?

Now, Francis has his big chance to show everyone. The Bear wishes it really were more complicated,  more dramatic, more evil, than that. He is a small man who has been given what he sees as unlimited power to solve every problem in the world, from the anguish of divorced and remarried Catholics to the desperation of boat people.

And in his ridiculous, arrogant, tin pot way, that is what he has set out to do.


  1. Your posts on Francis are becoming increasingly disappointing. They might be best described as whining, and whining is unbecoming for a bear.

    1. C'mon utubeo, if you're going to throw out generalities, lets see what you got.

    2. Indeed. They reek of despair and anxiety, without the hope of victory. And they are now completely repetitious. I understand the frustration, but we get it. The crisis is real and it is not going away any time soon.

      Let's begin to stop playing defense and rather go on the offense in proclaiming the truth in full of the message of the Gospel, summed up in CCC 1697, providing in catechesis the joys and the demands of the Gospel.

      If Francis and the Red Hats won't do it, at least we can.

      Sometimes I wonder if all the blogs and sites that currently are addressing the catastrophe of the current pontificate would alter their coverage to simply teaching the truth, possibly even using the errors of the heretics as starting points merely to provide topics, we would be advancing the Faith rather than constantly making the whole faith seem hopeless.

      Bear, what has helped me is to really meditate on just how the people of the 70-year stretch of chaos known as the Great Western Schism must have felt. Truly, to be faced with a conundrum of "3 Popes" with many very likely not knowing WHICH one was the real Pope cannot have been easy.

      Knowing that they persevered has been a tremendous witness to me.


    3. Valdemar,

      Part of our spiritual works of mercy are to instruct the ignorant and admonish sinners (in charity of course). This notion is that if we just preach the Truth in the full message of the Gospel, everything will just fall in place. Jesus still had to rebuke the Pharisees, the money changers, the tax collectors, the adulterers, et al.
      Normally, this should fall on our bishops, yet they are failing us miserably in this regard. So who is left to rebuke and resist a dangerous man such as Bergoglio?
      Yes, remain positive and preach the fullness of the Truth and if rebuking this pope is not your bag of tea, well move on then. But our spiritual works of mercy demand that we correct his errors, souls are being lost to his Modernist nonsense. Peace.

    4. utubeo, good grief, I disagree. There is not an iota of whining in this narrative. This article gets more at the heart of WHY, and why is still a great article to discuss. We now know he's rotten, but why is he rotten. That has not been established, so the article is pertinent, not whiny. I am still wondering, I admit, why he is so rotten. I am interested in what Bear thinks his motives are. As it turns out, I give the pope far less credit than Bear does. How did I become less trusting than a Criminal Defense Bear. This puzzles me.

      Valdemar, with all due respect, that stuff is out there. I come here to read the musings of a wise but smart alecky and annoyed counsel, one who can describe with darn good accuracy what I happen to be thinking and feeling. I can read counterpoints to his heresy anywhere. In fact, I feel as if I already know the counterpoints. Bet you know them as well.

    5. "Whining" is one of those empty pejoratives critics deploy when they have no argument on the merits.

    6. That was his sense of the piece, so that's fine. Obviously, I don't see it, but if articles start discussion, great. Thank you very much for your comment.

  2. Owl likes the complicated neo-scholastic / neo-thomistic refutations, but those are only useful for people that have metaphysical and epistemological understandings that the Church has.

    Most don't. Pope Francis doesn't. It is akin to getting into a proof text war with a Protestant -- you end up talking past each other because presuppositions and epistemology are at odds.

    Owl does believe that Pope Francis knows that he is lying, or better put is deliberately teaching as truth positions that he knows that the Church has historically rejected. It is a conscious rejection.

    So we don't need to prove logically and rationally that Pope Francis is wrong, which is time consuming and gets into the weeds, but all we have to do is demonstrate that he is knowingly rejecting, being contrary, being divisive, etc. Which he is because he goes out of his way all the time to demonstrate that he is those things.

    We don't need to prove that he is anything other than himself. And that mirror, is probably what gets under his skin the most. Thus, as you stated, a tragic figure.

    1. of course he knows! But he still thinks he is good.

    2. Perhaps, though that would imply a fully dead conscious/soul. Of Owls great many sins, he knows that they are evil and does them anyway. And there are ones that Owl doesn't know what or why a thing is wrong, so Owl just confesses that anyway.

      Perhaps Owl just naively hopes that there is a chance for Pope Francis' repentance.

  3. PF dislikes libertarian Catholics. PF dislikes rigid Catholics. PF dislikes Catholics.

    1. "Pope" Francis is NOT A CATHOLIC.

  4. This idea of C.S. Lewis comes to mind:

    "Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." C.S. Lewis

  5. Mr Bear--amid your resistance you express what appears like a note of resignation. Question: Are you readying a new offensive or just awaiting his demise?

  6. "Instead, Pope Francis is just another shabby little South American Marxist, seething with resentment over his failed country that must have somehow been sabotaged by those rotten northerners who have gotten rich at his expense..."

    This is exactly correct. Wouldn't be surprised if he was raised to think like this. He's pretty well brainwashed.

  7. We don't beat Pope Francis. We don't win. We don't have much impact, if any, on him. We are done figuring out how bad he is. The Superpapacy is established, as it must be for prophecy to be fulfilled, to the very little the Bear understands that sort of thing. Power is in the hands of the one man who is the most subtle of all creatures, whispering into the microphone 24/7. It will be that way from here on out.

    It is horrible to contemplate, and the Bear understands that we each must find comfort. For some it is the "we've had bad popes before." For others, it is the logical perfection of sedevacantism. Still others will believe Pope Benedict is still at the helm. Some will adopt Francis' every comment and embroider it in gold thread. Others will just try to do their best and not think about things too much.

    Bear does not wish to take anyone's comfort, nor is he certain which is true, for there are good and intelligent people everywhere.

    Despair? Hardly. The Bear does not state his entire thought in any one piece. Regular readers no that. This ephemeris is an extended conversation with frolics, detours and dead ends. The Bear isn't selling one solution. He hasn't declared Francis an antipope, the Church moved to Hoboken, the Second Coming will sweep him from history, or, on the contrary, played Micael Voris by avoiding the hint of criticism.

    If there is another blog that is not pushing ONE solution, but is giving fair hearing to every view the Bear would like to see it. Are there Catholics close to despair? Do they want their fears taken seriously, well, taken seriouls with some mordant humor? You bet. I hear from them. The Best the Bear cab do is nod gravely and tell them about the time he was caught between the Russian cannons and the Light Brigade.

    The Bear is not surprised at the backlash from certain explorations. But, no. We do not in any way, not even symbolically, beat Francis. We do not win. Everything he has wanted to influct upon the North and the Church has momentum now. Will the next pope "take away" the "right" of divorced abd remarried Catholics? Bear does not know.

    We must all do the best we can where we are. It is sort of funny that three years of near daily blogging gets forgotten over a few challenging (and good) posts. Good enough to grt picked up, anyway. THIS is what I choose to write about now. How people are dealing with Francis and what may be the best ways of doing so.

    Sometimes Bear is more in one mood than another. If that mood has something to say, then he lets it. But never despair. Bear thinks some may be overoptimistic though.

    The Bear does think it is a great idea to make an evangelistic blog. People should start one. But, the Bear will do what he does best. Everything is on the table - at least for a while.

    1. Well put, Bear! Your musings have an impact, and people probably visit here for varied reasons. Keep talking about whatever comes to your mind. It's darn good enough.

  8. I too believe the Pope Francis believes he is doing the right thing and to the best of his abilities.
    Problem is, Martin Luther had the same belief and look at the damage he did- a mere priest.
    We must continue to pray very hard for this pope, if ever a pope needed prayers it is this one.
    God bless!

    1. Indeed, this is our job as Catholics. To pray for him DAILY, which I do FERVENTLY, but as I've said many times before, I wouldn't walk across the street to see him or receive his blessing.

  9. Today's reading says it all:

    So Jesus said again, "Amen, amen, I say to you,
    I am the gate for the sheep.
    All who came before me are thieves and robbers,
    but the sheep did not listen to them.
    I am the gate.
    Whoever enters through me will be saved,
    and will come in and go out and find pasture.
    A thief comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy;
    I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly." (Jn 6)

    St. Corbinian's Bear, I appreciate your growling.
    and like Connecticut Catholic says, we must continue to pray very hard for this pope.
    Thank you.

  10. Everyone believes they are doing the right thing.
    The will is a blind faculty only capable of doing what it believes is good-a true good or apparent.

  11. Whether he believes it is correct is not up for debate.
    No one can do anything except for what they believe to be "good".
    The will is a blind faculty which only moves towards a good-true good or apparent.
    The problem is that he believes what he is doing is good.
    Contradicting the Church and Christ are seen to him as "good" this man cannot believe either are divine or he is as foolish as the devil himself.

  12. Not sure about the meaning of the last, but everybody brings his or her background to the table. Mine is what it is. I have dealt with an unusual number of people that have done very bad things, and I have done so in a process specifically designed to determine degree of guilt and motive.

    As a practical matter, everybody sees themself as doing the right thing. Religious reformers - wow, yes, x1000. Francis's problem is not that he is merciful or humble, it is this: HE IS UNBALANCED.

    Unbalanced mercy is weakness. Unbalanced humility is treason. Neither is remotely Christ-like. Francis is not humble at all. The last thing in the world he is is humble. Anyone who takes it upon himself to single-handedly "fix" the Church has descended into delusion and pride. Mercy is recognizing a transgression and mitigating the punishment. Francis does not understand mercy and could not get a test question right if it had only one possible guess.

    To Francis, "mercy" means to do away with the law that has been transgressed.

    Both his problems with humility and mercy strm from diabolical pride.

    Bear has always maintained Francis is just not all that bright. Bear was the first (as far as he knows) to call him the Being There Pope. To Francis, mercy means FRANCIS giving YOUR lunch to someone elses. In other words, he is a Marxist. That is why he shows no intrerst in Catholicism in his public statements. To Francis humility means denying the TRUTH to promote another's ERROR.

    The man is a bundle of leftist agitprop and self-aggandizement. The perfect microphone pope for an unbelieving and sinful generation. You think WE feel awful about this mortadella? Imagine you voted for him because you were so gullible you fell for his "humble-mercy-outsider-who-will-fix-everything" campaign platform! And yet the superstitious ultramontanists have double downed on this twisted, perverted, evil and destructive man. To Bear's mind they are the ones who have no excuse. Bear is simply not interested in people who promote error because they think God prefers error to truth - as long as it comes from one man. God help them.


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