Sunday, May 28, 2017

Today's Wackadoodle Homily

A Jacobite flag.

Frequent Flyer Miles to Heaven

My parish is blessed with a priest - and he probably knows all about this ephemeris yet it does him no good - who is an Ecumenical Catholic. Whenever he jets off to some ecumenical conference, which seems to be nearly every week, he comes back bubbling with enthusiasm which, for some reason, he expects us to share.

God knows why, not Bear.

Fortunately, God, in His wisdom, pushed Bear down the stairs the night before last and Bear was too injured to attend Mass. (Bear was on a late-night honey run.)

Red Death had to face the horror of what was to come alone.

The Bear is now inspired to lift his basso profundo voice in one of those great melancholy Irish songs about defeat. Here is the best one: After Aughrim's Great Disaster (1691).

The Jacobites Lost, but Had All the Best Songs

The Catholic Jacobites fought a coalition from England, Scotland, and the Netherlands, along with various mercenaries. (You can actually test for any Celt DNA in you by listening to this song. If you remain dry-eyed you're free of the maddest and most wonderful genius of them all.)

Thank God for the Irish and bless my own blue-eyed red-haired daughter of Eire who just might show up at Mass next Sunday wearing nothing but a coating of woad and brandishing her war spear. It's taken until the last couple of weeks for the Church to finally break her cradle Catholic heart, but she's finally tired of playing the abused sheep.

We converts came into the Church mostly because we concluded it was the only place to be. No doubt we were attracted by the beauty (unless we are recent converts) but the Bear knows it was the truth that brought him in. It is the truth and only the truth that will keep him here.

Cradle Catholics famously don't often know as much as many converts, who have voraciously sucked up as much of Catholicism as they could. And yet cradle Catholics have deep roots which makes their place in the Church nearly beyond worry. When you've got a fourth generation immigrant Irish Catholic coming home in tears because she just can't take all the crap anymore that is a major indicator of disaster.

Part of the song goes like this:

Our prayer is 'God save Ireland and pour blessings on her name.'

May her sons be true when needed,
May they never fail as we did,
For Sean O'Duibhir an Ghleanna, we were worsted in the game.

The Catholic Jacobites fought bravely but were outnumbered by the Dutchman's troops and defeated. As was customary in those days, Catholics were tortured until they converted to what is now Catholicism if they could only have held out a few centuries longer.

Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses,
yearning to breathe free... Welcome to America!

At this conference, according to Father, some non-Catholic or another repeated a suggestion this man had attributed to New York mayor Bloomberg.

The Liberty Pole

The Statue of Liberty should be replaced as our national symbol of welcome by the subway pole.

Bears aren't much for subways, probably because they live in the woodlands and even the Raccoons and Moles combined cannot build a decent subway system. The Bear confesses he does not know what a subway pole is. He thinks it might be that long, long pole that runs down the middle of the tracks. "Yes, here, welcome to America! Just touch that pole to make it official!"

But, like Bear said, he doesn't know anything about subway poles, so he would be a very poor greeter even in Donald Trump's America. "No, not that pole, the other - oh bother."

For example, the Bear did not know this:

When Father repeated this business about replacing the Statue of Liberty, a German lady sitting next to Bride of Bear exclaimed, in a loud voice, "Vas?" She was doubtless herself an immigrant, and may have harbored some sentimental attachment to the Lady with the Torch.

So the homily was about various crackpot ecumenical ideas floated by the usual suspects. It could have been worse, Bear supposes, like adding Mohammed as the 13th Apostle, but most parishioners just don't care by the time the homily rolls around. They turn off their hearing aids, discover a need to visit the bathroom, or discretely stick their fingers in their ears. Some go to the cry room for a snack. (That's where the doughnuts are kept! What were you thinking? There haven't been any kids in the cry room for fifteen years.)

Sometimes they display Homiletic Tourette Syndrome then leave.

Oh, by the way, Jesus may have done something, but it was an afterthought and the mic was already off, so Bear cannot report.

May future generations of Catholics - and it will be at once the biggest in history and the smallest since Pentecost - never fail as we did. For Sean O'Duibhir an Ghleanna, we were worsted in the game.


  1. It takes a lot for a German to exclaim at any time, let alone Mass. You're probably lucky that a hymnal wasn't chucked at the priest.

    Last week father spoke of the need for us to accompany blah blah blah and I banged my head on the pew in front of me through most of it. I hope people noticed.

    Sorry to hear that Red Death suffered this and about your fall; prayers for both. And those lyrics did make me tear up. I should move to Ireland.

    1. Don't bother. Ireland is no longer Catholic...

    2. It will be when the King over the Water returns leading an army of Bears.

  2. Thankfully, the priest here at Camp Arifjan hit on tangible, legitimate--though clichéd idea--that freedom wasn't free. He was referring to the costs of maintaining our religious freedom and those that the Apostles would end up paying after the Ascension and soon to be Pentecost. This was also said in the wake of the Copts being murdered on Ramadan (because ya know, Religion of Peace TM).

    Sadly though, the Masses here are full on N.O., with its traditionalism varying from chaplain to chaplain as they rotate through. As a cradle Catholic who has started his absorption at convert-speed, it breaks the heart.

    No Freedom Pole nonsense here, thank God.

    1. You are lucky. Downrange, the only time my son ever saw a priest was at KAF ac couple of times.

      I have also tangled with idiot atheists at Ft. Bragg - the atheists were from Washington state - about a private family prayer meeting on base. I hate them with a perfect hate.

  3. " It could have been worse, Bear supposes, like adding Mohammed as the 13th Apostle..." Yes, not unlike what Cardinal Danneels of Belgium did during an ordination twenty years ago or more, when he invoked the prophets over the newly ordained: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezechiel, Mohammed. (Source: Abbe George de Nantes.)

  4. I come from fighting Irish stock in Galway County. Probably fought in Aughrim's battle. Thanks for the video.

    It's too bad you don't live within driving distance of a Latin Mass parish or some kind of traditional Order. It's makes all the difference. I can hardly stomach my suburban parish across the street. It's a cryin shame.

    If it helps, listen every Sunday to the sermons on

    1. Having a lawyer's mind ruins you for a lot of things.

      IF the local parish is presenting some bastardized version of the truth, and IF I have to on a grand quest to find the REAL truth, Mass, and IF the local parish is blessed by the hierarchy all the way up the the POPE, then it raises persistent questions of the validity of all the Church's historical claims.

      My priest says nothing the Pope himself wouldn't say, were he there for the homily. The Church looks at me and says, "We are the Church, and, no, it is YOU who are wrong. YOU need to assent to the teachings of the CHURCH as they exist during the time God placed you here on her bosom. WE speak for GOD Himself. You are a peasant. Yield or... well, you won't go to Hell anymore, but we shall virtue shame you in this life!"

      The same logic of C.S. Lewis's famous Christological trilemma applies with equal force to the Church. The Church is either EXACTLY what it claims to be, with all the fail safe protections of the Holy Spirit in full force; it is a purely natural institution that is the end result of centuries of good-natured delusions about itself; or it is a massive fraud in the middle of morphing into the world's biggest NGO in order to remain relevant in a non-supernaturalist world.

      This is where people like to accuse me of despair or whatever. Nonsense. They have no idea what my internal reaction is. I'm really pretty logical. These are facts, like them or not. You can stick your head in the ground (probably by far the safest for your peace of mind), come up with a unified field theory of the Church that explains everything (and this is why I say sedevacantism is ideal, or at least Benedict-is-really-the-pope (to a lesser degree) since IF its premises are correct, THEN then it resolves the cognitive dissonance better than most theories)

      I am a pathologist, not a physician. I examine dead things. Western Civilization, the Church. I don't have the answer to bring them back to life, sorry. They are circling the drain, gone, baby, gone.

      My favorite theory is that YES, the CHURCH IS DEAD. If Jesus had to really die, then be brought back to life, why not the CHURCH? It makes a certain amount of sense to me, but I would not push it as the answer. It is a totally supernaturalist answer and beyond the expertise of a pathologist. The point is no matter how things look, we do not have enough knowledge to say with certainty HOW God is working out His plan for His Church right now. We are in very curious times. We will die still puzzled. God will understand. But despite everything, I see NO REASON to abandon the Church for this one reason: we simply don't have enough data, especially when dealing with God, for whom all things are possible. If he can bring us back to bodily life, he can surely stay with us during the winnowing He promised throughout the Bible. That is what we're seeing, I think. Most "Catholics" are being shaken and blown away in the wind as chaff. From the Pope on down, anyone can be chaff, if he or she chooses to reject God's grace in favor of some worldly ideology they prefer. Does that mean Francis is not Pope? I have never said that and I won't ever say it. I'm not arguing with anyone who says he isn't. I don't know.

      Stay Catholic and recognize this is all part of a process you understand imperfectly at best.

    2. Well, personally I hope that "nuChurch" does indeed suffer a quick and painful death. It's been a fraud since the very beginning, just look at the fruits (or lack thereof) it has produced. Your pastor being a prime example. As Woody Allen said in "Bananas": It's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.
      The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the basis of our Catholic faith, and the Eucharist the source and summit of our life. When these are being treated with contempt for decades, well its no wonder we end up with someone like Bergoglio. But, I take solace in the fact the last 50 years are merely a blip in the grand scheme of things, and like you wrote it's no reason to abandon the Church.
      A pastor like yours, and apparently they are legion these days, can really have a detrimental effect on one's faith and family over time. I don't know what the solution is for Catholics in your situation. Like I said, it's a crying shame. Maybe you can find a parish and priest in the woodlands that would be willing to start a Latin Mass.

      Btw, the correct url is:

    3. "I see NO REASON to abandon the Church for this one reason: we simply don't have enough data, especially when dealing with God, for whom all things are possible."

      Of course, we can never abandon the Church, understood rightly. But that's the whole issue. If what Francis represents is truly the Church, then we've been wrong all along (about the truth and the Church), since Francis doesn't represent Catholicism. If Francis is a false Pope, then to remain somehow in what appears to be "the Church" (the post-Vatican II sect) is not to remain in the Church at all; for Vatican II left the Church. Practically, how to then find and be united with the true Church presents a series of questions and challenges, but at least we're talking about the right entity.

      We cannot say I oppose the putative Pope as Pope and be in the Church.

    4. As I have been contemplating how my own expertise in the one thing I can truly be called an expert on easily deals with arguments on that topic from people who really don't know much at all about it, I have to admit that I am myself in a similarly ignorant position with the current situation in the Church. I am not a canon lawyer, or a theologian. I'm just a Bear, as everyone knows. I am sure that however I may feel, I do not have the authority or expertise to render a final judgment on Francis and the V2 Church.

      My position is I take no position on the ultimate issue, and leave everyone free to draw their own conclusions. Poor Bear can't be expected to do everything around here! So your post is most welcome.

      I am not going to pronounce from the Big Rock next to the Clearing that Francis is not Pope, the Church is not the Church, and fly my pretties! Scurry, my lovelies! Go and find for us the True Church!

      If anyone else is confident enough to declare Francis an anti-pope (if an anti-Church can have an anti-pope) then they can have their ten minutes on the big rock to make their case. They won't get the hook for that.

      There is no doubt we're in really bad shape. Whatever the ship is we are on has taken multiple torpedo strikes below the armor belt and a dive bomber scored a direct hit down the forward stack. We're sinking, no doubt about it. It is beyond damage control. We're frantically searching for shark repellent, although all the sharks seem to be in the ship, somehow.

      Maybe hanging onto any flotsam and jetsam of Catholicism we are lucky to save will be enough. I don't know what God is up to. The Gates of Hell Warranty may not cover autodemolition, just as life insurance policies don't cover suicide.

      A modernist slide has been going on for a long time, and Francis has accelerated it in a unique way by an incessant attack on the Ancient Faith by deliberate use of all the modern media at his disposal. And, once again, beloved woodland creatures, THAT is why the "we've had bad popes before" argument will always get the hook.

      Like it or not, this is not just a problem that happened to happen in our time. It is a problem CAUSED by the very time in which we live. It will NEVER be fixed. Welcome to the new normal, save a miraculous string of saintly and humble popes whose names we forget except when they're announced at Mass, or a solar flare that reduces us all to 1922 Underwood typewriters.

      ALL institutions have been hit by the Treason of the Clerks, Leftism, or whatever you want to call it. No institution has ever recovered from a leftward slide like this.

      Besides, Institutions are passe. Look at how PATHETIC the response from the bishops and the cardinals and the clergy has been. Even our champions are cautious to a fault and worse than useless. We're like the Union in the Civil War get our butts kicked and we can't manage to find a single general who can win a battle. McClellan is pretty near almost ready with the Army of the Potomac, just give me a little more time. Like until 1922.

      It is the day of the Man With the Mic. He commands the public attention and controls the narrative as surely as Goebbels did in the Third Reich. Only he had to actually work at it. Autolytic processes in the dead West have created this situation where The Man With the Mic is the only one anyone cares about. TRUMP! WE'RE DOOMED! POPE SAYS DEATH PENALTY MORTAL SIN (which doesn't even make sense - like saying "federal drug enhancements in sentencing are a mortal sin).

      And all you woodland theologians, you can say what the Pope doesn't REALLY count till the cows come home, and you can win every battle and still you will lose the war. That does not matter anymore. Bear does not know how more clear he can make this. We are in the post-institution, post-West, post-rational, post-theological world and welcome to it.

    5. I think it takes more than ten minutes to make the case, but it can be made. I recommend the resources at novusordowatch. They deal with every objection/question I have entertained so far.

    6. We all know the problems. How long does it take to identify where we should all move to?

    7. There's a step between knowing the problems and deciding to "move"--at least there was/is for me. It's making sense of how the problems can be in light of the truth of Catholicism. Similar to your Church either is or isn't what it claims to be, with Francis we're only left with two options: either Francis is Pope and the Gates of Hell have prevailed, or such a man couldn't possibly be Pope and while we have a mystery on our hands, we still have the doctrine of the faith (of the papacy in particular).

      When you said you don't know about the status of Francis, I thought you were in that step in between the problems and taking action, so I suggested further reading.

    8. But to your specific question, there is a section on that site devoted to it:

      (Personally, I'm not quite there yet.)

  5. Recovered Comment from Kathleen 1031

    Oh Fred. Did he say that. My word.
    I'm so sorry for your fall Bear. We are all getting on. It's still a surprise.
    The NO Mass is not good for our souls nor our happiness. If we can find a good Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form, we ought to attend, even if once per month is all we can do. I cannot and will not support this NO church. Not one dime to the Bishops who are now openly Marxist and even anti-American.

    One tiny point Bear.
    I have a nephew with Tourette's. He suffered with it and co-morbid incidents of the disorder. He has not walked an easy road, our boy. His most obvious characteristic was tics, but he worked hard to control them. He was always in athletics to keep his body busy, and it helped. He attained two college degrees, and is a professional, I won't say in what field.
    He just went through a program for Confirmation, and made his Confirmation about a month ago, at the age of 40. When people use Tourette's as a derogatory reference, it's painful, and fightin words for this Irish auntie whose people came from Cork. You use it like most people, not meaning any harm, but with that big heart of yours, but would you please keep it in mind? Many thanks, if you would.

  6. At our parishes, homilies are good. The meaning of the Scriptural reading is explored insightfully, if occasionally twisted towards the issue if illegal immigration. The biography of the saint of the day, if applicable, is presented. The community is challenged to deepen their discipleship in various valid ways. So all is well, except that all isn't well. You would think there is no crisis going on at all. When the Holy Father is mentioned at all, it is in the most glowing terms: "As Pope Francis reminds us, marriage between a man and a woman is indissoluble . . ." So I don't know which is worse--the overt lunacy, soiraling into a metaphysical hodgepodge even Martin Luther would have rejected as idiotic, or the veneer of a forced normality that is as far removed from reality as the other option.

    1. Unless I'm mistaken, homilies are not even required, are they? I know of no rule that requires me to dial my intellect down to invertebrate levels and suck up any nonsense a priest - or a woman "guest speaker" who is two steps from the ambo - throws out. Bears are not afflicted with coprophagia and the priest will be lucky if he doesn't get his crap thrown back in his face.

      So perhaps we can all at least agree that as educated, well-catechized Catholics, we can put in our earplugs, just ignore all homilies and kneel and say a rosary during them.

      Maybe our perspective toward all but the most proven clergy should be "We already know how to Catholic, thank you very much, and you're an idiot. I'm here to fulfill my obligation, receive Holy Communion (since I'm not an adulterer and have recently been to confession) and then run out of your ugly Cubism church or whatever the Hell it is like a scalded cat. Thank God my relationship with Him can survive you and your 'wreckovation' of the Church."

      Can a tin-pot south American Marxist who suffers from old-man logorrhea go through an entire pontificate muttering nonsense be pope? The most dangerous place in the world is between Francis and a microphone. How do we, as Catholics of the New Age, process that? Okay, you've got my assent to your ordinary magisterium to the extent I know and understand it. I don't know that I'm obligated to tune in to the Francis Show every night to keep up on what I'm supposed to believe tomorrow. I'll tell you one thing. Since I haven't been following Jorge too much, my mental health has improved and I've thrown away the number for the Senior Bus Pick-Up for the Valley of Light Evangelical Collective.

      I read the Bible more and more. The funny thing is, I actually feel better afterwards, and the words on the page don't change from day to day.

  7. "From the Pope on down, anyone can be chaff, if he or she chooses to reject God's grace in favor of some worldly ideology they prefer. Does that mean Francis is not Pope? I have never said that and I won't ever say it. I'm not arguing with anyone who says he isn't. I don't know."

    I think this would actually mean Francis is not Pope. How can "the rock" be chaff? The reason I'm finding this is difficult to come up with a conclusion is because the majority of us (myself included) do not fully know or understand Catholic doctrine on the papacy. The issue isn't data. It's being able to apply the data (and with Francis, the data is abundant) to the doctrine and then simply reasoning from there.

    The more I learn, the more it's evident that Francis cannot possibly be Pope.

  8. Bad sermons? Every Sunday I hear one in Ukrainian and don't have a clue what our fine pastor is talking about. I read Alphonsus Liguori then and say the rosary. And I'm up in the choir loft anyway, so it doesn't matter if I close my eyes and doze a little.

  9. I have some built-in response to homilies where I wind up snoozing in about 3 minutes unless I am engaged enough to stay awake. Unfortunately I also have the adverse reaction when they are pi**ing me off so much I can hardly contain myself. That's really awful because I feel dirtied by my own angry reaction in the House of God! Must chill. I think someone should make some tapes or podcasts of these windy homilies of the aforementioned first variety to help put us to sleep at night!
    The pole pic was great!
    Btw- have you heard about the now forbidden "man spreading" on the NYC subways?


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