Friday, June 16, 2017

All Your Shrine are Belong to Us

Another Idea That Sucks From Francis

The Bear has been asked by someone with the mistaken notion that the Bear might have some competency on this issue to comment on Pope Francis' "Sanctuaria in Ecclesia" Motu Proprio. 

Since the document is quite short, it did not exceed the Bear's attention span while reading it. Francis's manifestos have a soporific effect on the Bear.

Correct the Bear if he is wrong, but it seems that the Pope has decided that the wide variety of shrines scattered across the world in different cultures should be under the direct control of Rome. This may seem like a small thing at first blush.

The Bear hereby declares this to be a great evil, and announces that the woodland creatures will defend their shrines to the death.

Having said that, the sad state of many shrines (such as Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, Illinois, upon which the Bear has recently heaped abuse) make them immune to further degradation. In addition, one suspects that this action's primary effect will to be limited to launching self-congratulatory conferences and producing reams of gaseous documents of the sort we could any of us mock up at this point.

However, although aberrant shrines (i.e. those which are actually Catholic), are probably not immune to interference as it is, Francis' Motu Proprio could make it easier for Rome itself to crack down on any genuine expressions of the ancient faith. 

Fast-Food Shrines Serving the Same 
Frankie MacFrancis Mercy-Burgers Worldwide

Instead of each shrine retaining its own beauty, character, and mission, it is conceivable that the eventual outcome could be to standardize them like a fast-food chain where a Frankie MacFrancis clown serves up the same bland mercy-burgers from Nagasaki to Marytown, Illinois. 

The Bear is uncertain whether the Church retains enough energy to be that destructive, and if Rome messes with popular shrines that is going to be one more wedge in our Francis-cracked foundation.
Of course, it is hard to argue that the Church is not already in silent schism, if schism means clearly-drawn lines of Catholics who disagree on fundamental dogma and its expression. The fact that the Bear did not even think to make this observation until it was buried deep into the article shows how obvious a fact this is to him.
Select Quotes with the Bear's Candid Commentary

"Finally, in the Shrine, the doors are wide open to the sick, the disabled, and above all, the poor, the marginalized, refugees and migrants."

This does not even makes sense. It is stereotyped language that Francis must bolt onto any discussion. Why "above all?" at all in a discussion of a shrine? Those who can benefit from a shrine are all of us who are spiritually poor, marginalized by the Catholic Church, refugees from the reign of lies, and pilgrims in search of rest. If there is any "above all," it is to those who are driest or hurting spiritually, and need to reconnect with authentic Catholic spirituality.

The purpose of a shrine - and this is so basic it is incredible that the Bear must even explain it to a pope - is that it is unique and offers an experience that is not what one gets in the local parish. To the Bear, it seems that this is precisely what Francis is trying to destroy, lest authentic Catholic shrines become centers of the resistance.

Additionally, Francis once again reveals himself as a faddist worldling who sees everything in materialistic terms and has not one iota of genuine spiritual insight.

The Bear is imagining vast tent cities of Muslim migrants demanding that crosses be removed from Lourdes property because they offend their religious sensibilities. And some spiritually deranged do-gooder in Rome will put his soft damp hands to work writing an order demanding compliance.

"Shrines are called to play a role in the new evangelization of society today."

Whenever the Bear hears the term "new evangelization" he reaches for his revolver. Things have reached a pretty pass when the devil feels free to advertise his campaigns, like "New Coke."

There is no such thing as "new evangelization," merely no evangelization. The Bear acknowledges the Church can hardly announce it is quitting the mission Christ imposed on it with his last earthly words, but it is bold to do so in practice while implying the "old evangelization" was somehow inappropriate for "today."

If you don't believe the Bear, by all means go look up the documents concerning the "New Evangelization" on the Vatican and USCCB websites. Have your Bible open to the first two chapters of Acts for comparison purposes.

"These places, despite the crisis of faith that engulfs the contemporary world, are still perceived as sacred spaces to which pilgrims go to find a moment of rest, silence and contemplation in today’s often hectic life." 

Largely caused at present by Pope Francis himself.

But don't worry, they won't long last as "sacred spaces" to offer refuge from "today's often hectic life." Jargon submitted in evidence of a monumental misunderstanding of shrines. In short, Francis doesn't know what he's talking about, which the Bear finds disturbing in a pope, and does not understand why it doesn't seem to bother more Catholics.

Shrines are not day-spas.

We do not want someone this ignorant tinkering with shrines.

"...the powerful action with which God’s mercy works in people’s lives is made manifest." 

One instance of the ubiquitous word "mercy." When someone single-handedly turns one of the most wonderful words there is into a knee-jerk reaction of suspicion you have to hand it to him. Mercy does indeed play a huge role in the Christian religion. You would never know it from the empty buzzword Francis has turned it into. 

It's almost as if someone really smart (Bear is not sure that would be our Pope) wanted to redefine the concept of "mercy" for some reason. Change it to mean "license." Weird, huh?

"In light of these considerations it is clear that the Shrines are called to play a role in the new evangelization of society today and that the Church is called to evaluate in pastoral terms the motions of the heart that are expressed through pilgrimages to Shrines and places of devotion."

Shrines need to be repurposed from centers of genuine Catholic spirituality uniquely owned by the people into engines of destruction of the Christian faith through a "new evangelization" branded to fool people into thinking the Church is remotely concerned with bringing people to Jesus.

No. That is proselytizing, which Francis considers even worse than arms-dealing.

The "new evangelization" is classic doublespeak: it is new because it has absolutely nothing to do with spreading the gospel. It is we, you see, as Catholics, who must be nuvangelized, which means convinced never to invite another soul to consider the Catholic faith. That is the "new evangelization," as explained very clearly in the documents produced by the Catholic Church.

Fortunately, the Bear always carries two guns, because "pastoral" is another word that makes him reach for his revolver. At the end of days more sins will have been excused by the word "pastoral" than Jagermeister.

"Pastoral" is becoming the all-purpose excuse to change fundamental teachings.

How we interact with God - "prayer" - is the true expression of what we really believe. This was defined long ago by the phrase lex orandi lex credendi. For all the head-in-the-sand Catholics who signal with their white tail feathers that Francis hasn't changed anything, get to know that expression.

If the Church changes in practice the understanding of marriage that was expressed by Christ himself and has been a signature teaching of the Church until relatively recent times, it does not have to be infallibly proclaimed to be a genuine change of belief among Catholics.

If it changes the practice of divorced-and-remarried persons (one cannot even speak solely of Catholics at this point) in regard to Holy Communion, it has changed our understanding of another signature teaching of the Catholic Church - the cluster of beliefs surrounding the mystery of the Eucharist. ("A little bread and wine do no harm, eh?")

You Can Pry My Shrine Out of My Cold Dead Hands

If a shrine worth protecting were attacked by Rome, the battlefield is compact and easily-defensible. People are attached to their shrines. There's no telling what peaceful but effective measures they might take to save them, or at least make the Pontifical Council for Devangelization look like the foreign thugs they are.

If you have ever split wood, you know there is a point where it is impossible to pull out the wedge. The only thing you can do is ring the hammer and drive it deeper. The Bear is no longer afraid of Francis, and he wants nothing to do with a Church that would preserve the leaven of lies Francis will leave behind.

Somehow we have to get back to the Truth. We will never do this by following a worldly agenda and betraying our Catholic ancestors with compromises. We'll never do it with superstitious dread of popes. If our old boy wants to split the Church, that's fine with the Bear. He'll take the sound piece of the two and let Francis and his protectors whose name is Legion warm their hands in the flames of their rotten piece forever.


  1. Most shrines are places of religious devotion, often popular piety, that organically developed from the laity gathering in places where there were historic experiences of God's interaction with humanity. Issues relating to shrines were controlled by the Congregation for the Clergy because when shrines organically develop, the Institutional Church thinks that it is a good idea to send a priest, build a church, and offer the sacraments to the laity so gathered in prayer.

    Pope Francis thinks that where people are gathered in prayer and worship he needs to send FrancisGospel not the sacraments. It is not only a base misunderstanding of what the primary function of a priest is, but it also smacks of clericalism. Pope Francis has often demonstrated that he has a disdain for popular piety and the real smell of the sheep. This is just Pope Francis saying again that he doesn't care and what the sheep need can only be given to them through his message. Sheep are nothing FrancisPriests selling FrancisGospel are everything -- base clericalism.

  2. Replies
    1. It has a nice ring to it! Let's make a program out it.

  3. Well, I call that post vintage Bear, and no mistake! So I guess, in a certain ironic sense, I am right and you are wrong--you WERE the guy with the competence to do the commenting, after all.

    1. "Justina left the Bear cage open again."

  4. Follow the money, he just wants to rake in the money from these places and of course standardize his bullcrap pagan message.

    1. So Fr. Z reads the Bear... Maybe he'll promote JA swag? Or at the very least, read JA on his next exotic flight to Rome and take photos of him reading it, while dining on pasta scarfito it down? You can't buy that kind of blogging publicity.

    2. Fr. Z used to read the Bear, but it has been a long time since the Bear has heard from him. It's the Bear's own fault that he drives away respectable readers. Prophets are never popular.

    3. That was my first thought, as well. He is about power and money, and I'm not sure in which order. Lourdes, Fatima, San Giovanni Rotondo, Our Lady of Guadalupe -- they gather millions in donations, and Francis's actions always seem to have the added benefit of getting access to funds.

  5. Heehee..well written, especially reaching for the revolvers and white tail feathers...yes, classic Bear. We are right on board the Bear Train.

    1. So who out there is talented enough to do a Cat Stevens Peace Train parody?

  6. Point of order: I wouldn't take anything the pope says against arms dealing too-too seriously. His close buddy, the man previously in charge of the Friars Minor around the world came close to bankrupting the order in part by "investing" the order's money in a company that was big into arms. Gun running. (Also money laundering and drugs, if I'm not mistaken, and those were only the preliminary findings of the Swiss investigators.) Just as the international money cops were closing in, Francis plucked him out of harm's way in the nick of time and put him in charge of destroying the Franciscan Friars Immaculate.

  7. Not making it up:

  8. Very good commentary on very distressing news. And I am glad to see that the old Bear seems to have emerged again.

    1. There is no "Old" and "New" Bear like Church's evangelization. There is only Bear who wearies of Francis and wishes to talk about other things. It something like this comes along, however, that is fresh and that the Bear can understand, Bear rejoices in all of his prophetic presence and wordsmithery.

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      Remember, everyone, Bear provides a continuous flow of crystal truth for free, and he is happy to send an autographed copy of his Well-received novel FREE to anyone who asks (and, erm, who makes a 29.99 donation). Help the Bear meet the expenses of operating this ephemeris and provide yourself with hours of heart-pounding intellectual stimulation too hot for EWTN to even acknowledge its existence!

  9. loveloveLOVE the title :)

    great fun happy place on Bear paper talk!

    1. I was wondering when you were going to emerge blinking from your den. I think you will find my next article very interesting. I also think they use Badger hair for icon writing, but I could be wrong.

      Without spoiling, where in Bear paper talk is Badger?

    2. Squirrel or sable (hair). Not badger.

    3. "The Bear is no longer afraid of Francis, and he wants nothing to do with a Church that would preserve the leaven of lies Francis will leave behind."

      Oh, my! Bear with me, but you don't say...?

    4. "Badgers? Badgers? We don't need no stinking badgers." (Sorry.)

    5. Ain't that the TRUTH!!! HA!

      very early on in Bear paper's like deja vu, all over again.

    6. And yet, you'll notice very many differences.

  10. To Secret Poster: I have left what I have to say there. Of course, it is the Bear who has written the definitive piece on the Homosexual Priest Abuse Crisis, which is exactly what it was (is?). It's all in the Jay report, no matter how they tried to sanitize it with their "No homosexuals were harmed in the production of this report" statement. When the victims are almost exclusively adolescent-ish males, this is classic homosexual predation as the Bear, having a tremendous amount of experience in this area of the law, well recognizes. Often such predators have been molested themselves, and express the shocking attitude that, "it didn't hurt me, so I don't see what the big deal is."

    Any blogger may write whatever he wants. He should write whatever he feels like writing. Personally, the Bear does not poll the woodland creatures, bless their little hearts. In his benevolent despotism he knows exactly what they need.

    If there's a new take on this, go for it. The Bear has said what he has to say on the topic, but everybody has to write his or her own blog, and if there is audience that wishes to revisit that disgrace, then they will find outlets to satisfy it. (Nothing should be taken as a criticism; just not a topic upon which the Bear has not already said everything he has to say. which ought to be easily found in the search box under" Jay Report."


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