Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Chick Arrives in Style via TWA

BUT WAIT! IT GETS BETTER. Red Death went out to check on the chick. She had left the peeper in a chicken wire cage. The chick was gone!

Red Death searched all over, fearing the worst, but guess what? Broody had busted the chick out of chick prison somehow and taken her over to the statue of St. Francis! She is determined her baby will survive.

Broody and Chick

Broody hid this one until it finally hatched. That took a lot of cleverness on her part to defeat the remorseless reaper of children, Red Death. The only part of Checkers visible is the dark cap. Obviously a magical chick.

She is in a premium TWA Ambassador service cup and saucer. Of course, there has not been TWA around for a long time, and airlines do not aspire to the same level of class.


  1. How classy. First Class on American these days, your coffee arrives in a banal mug. At least it's not a paper cup, like the peasant bears are treated to back in Economy. Also, I'm saddened every time I visit STL; once such the bustling hub of TWA, now mostly an empty shell.

  2. I recently greatly enjoyed my pretzels and almonds, also coke in a paper cup on Delta. Tasted great at 10,000 feet.
    This chick and Broody are adorable! Hope it's not a rooster, I understand they are less wanted than lady hens.


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