Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pope Videos: The Monthly Intention to Delude Catholics

Big Grandfather brings you a message from the Ministry of Truth.
(Could they have possibly lit the set in a creepier way?)

The Intention to Delude Catholics
Remember those cheesy Pope Videotentions of the Month?

Bear didn't. He forgot all about them and missed many articles that virtually write themselves. But then there's the latest.
First off all, the Bear observes that these so-called "intentions" are nothing of the sort. They are typical of the abuse of real religion we see in this pontificate. They are not asking us to pray to God for Him to protect or promote anything. They are propaganda in which we are told what to think.

Worse, what they tell us is always the same: there are no legitimate divisions among people. The Church is but one expression of brotherhood that includes Lutheranism, Hinduism, Islam, Masonry, Paganism, anything and nothing at all.

Music Brings Humans Together

Music is nice, especially outside where there are bugs. It is nice whether white people or black people or brown people play it, whether in Argentina, Africa, India or some other damned place. It is nice on real instruments and on crude foreign devices made of human bones and skin. It is especially nice when someone with weird bandages on his hands has dragged his piano all the way to the beach to play it, or, best of all, the recurring character of Pope Video Saxamaphone Player plays it.
HMS Conqueror
But not just music. Teenage girls writing how dreamy Kit Harrington is. Liturgical dancers practicing. Painters dancing while painting. Dancers painting while dancing.

Michelangelo? Mozart?

Dead northern white guys. Screw 'em and the island-stealing nuclear submarine they rode in on.
Gregorian chant? Even Marty Haugen and David Hass? Something, oh, Bear doesn't know... Catholic, maybe? No, you silly fundamentalist. Religion divides people.

I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke - New Coke, That Is
You selfish Western bastards!
And so the incessant Celebration of Everythingness goes on as the Church gives every human being (and possibly dolphin) a Good Sportsmanship Award in a cosmos where everyone's a winner except the poor polar bears you're stomping to death beneath your personal carbon footprint. 
I'd like to be the World's Pope and teach it what to sing, because the Church is no longer the Real Thing. New Church is like "New Evangelization" (which, when Bear runs it through his Ovaltine decoder ring, becomes "No Evangelization"). It will be the greatest success since New Coke. After all, didn't former papal press flack Fr. Rosica brag about "rebranding?"
And you didn't take him literally.
Pope John XXIII threw open the windows. Pope Francis is tearing down the walls. Yes, they define who we are, but at the cost of dividing us. That is the greatest evil, and where Christianity went wrong from the very start. In our enlightened age, we know we are all just humans being. We are the World. Imagine there's no borders, no religion, too. Etc.
Humankind's New Religion of Universal Brotherhood
You see a cheesy video produced with no imagination, repeating the same bland and non-Catholic message every month. Ah, but the Bear sees better with his nose. He smells a new gospel of universal brotherhood that transcends religion. Make no mistake. Pope Francis and his minions are very serious about this. Whether this is how a practical Church plans to remain relevant in a Godless future, or whether it has been hijacked by revolucionarios, the details are unimportant because it is directed by one ancient and malevolent will.

Bear happened to be reading John 17:16 before watching this latest New Age drivel.

"They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world."

Being "of the world" is not a compliment when used in the Bible. As for "rebranding," the Church already had a brand. In a world where brands are the vital public image of corporations, worth fortunes and guarded with armies of lawyers, the most recognizable, venerable and powerful brand of them all - the Roman Catholic Church - needs to be changed, we are told.
It's All Really Happening
If that kind of thinking does not scare you in your soul, friend, you do not understand what they are doing. Forget the delirious succession of sound bytes and odd Francisisms, the Little Book of Insults, wacky Bishops, and all the details dear to traditionalists. While you are distracted, they are replacing the foundation and mission of the Church with the world and the message of the world.
It's happening. Right in front of our eyes, something so huge we can't even see it, any more than we can see the Holy Planet we're standing on. Something guaranteed to make anyone who sounds the warning sound like a Bible-thumping loon.
"No, that can't be happening," you object. "That's Bible stuff, not for us. We're just ordinary hobbits. The great events of history are in the past, and the end of the world is a fable, or anyway, a long way off. This is just one pope. Don't go all apocalyptic on us, steady old Bear."
Let's all hope you're right.
But the Bear has decided that the Pope Videos are really no laughing matter.


  1. This tortoise has been paying as little attention to these videos as possible, but one thing that strikes me about this one is the fact that only once did they put two persons on screen at the same time, which appears to contradict all the maudlin appeals to togetherness we're used to hearing. And how ironic that the musicians are unaccompanied! Do not musicians and artists have need of Francis' hallowed accompaniment?

    1. Art is not something you share ("A tortise? What's that?") Because some people might like Saxamaphone playing and another a violin made out of human bones and skin. And then there would be division.

  2. Thanks Bear. You always have the most creatively insightful comments about our dear Pontiff. While tarted out as the Pope he is not the Pope, as someone who fulfills role of being the Catholic Church's spiritual leader, unless it is the spirit of Marxism one seeks. As we all know the Church is littered with Communists and sodomites, so it is no surprise that Pope Francis would focus on these subjects in his own innocuous way by celebrating various forms of diversity, all supposedly leading to peace on earth--the kind of peace most effectively realized by a totalitarian government.

    1. I appreciate the comments, Mike, although I think he's the Pope - unfortunately.

    2. I effectively said he doesn't act like the Pope. Like you, I agree he is still the Pope--unfortunately. But one of these days he may go one step too far with his heresies and disqualify himself.

    3. you guys crack me about not recognizing something right in front of our eyes so huge you can't even see it(!) And it irons out all the wrinkles you insist on placing in the fabric....sheeeese...just. wake. up.

      and seriously, even if you don't like her tone, she is almost always dead-on balls accurate in her analysis. PLEASE, for the love of God and all that's holy, read this (and the accompanying links...they are REALLY good) takes a HUGE burden of your own placing off your metaphorical backs.

      Because seriously again, a man who has and carries the charism of the Petrine office simply CANNOT say this....

      or this....

      or have a man at his right side, writing his encyclicals for him, who also proudly wrote crap like this:
      "Come down my dear
      before you awaken
      someone desperate
      with a terrible hickey.

      How was God
      so cruel
      as to give you that mouth…
      There is no one who resists me,
      bitch, hide it" (Víctor M. Fernández).

      yeah, seriously (again), it is an insult to God Almighty to say that the stinking vile rotting corpse of a man usurping the Throne is Peter.

    4. and oh yeah, if Miss B. is too bold for ya, how 'bout this guy....

      His analysis is always spot-on, and as he points out, more and more rational thinkers are opening their eyes to the truth, and it is indeed, as Our Lord said, setting them free.

  3. "No, that can't be happening," you object. "That's Bible stuff, not for us. We're just ordinary hobbits. The great events of history are in the past, and the end of the world is a fable, or anyway, a long way off. This is just one pope. Don't go all apocalyptic on us, steady old Bear."

    The Pharisees gave lip service to the idea of a Messiah, but they would not believe that they were actually living in the time of that Messiah 9In spite of the prophecy of Daniel)

  4. Well written, Bear. I am reassured that your grim take on developing and escalating matters within the Church closely approximates mine. Frankly, I don't know if Bergolio is pope or not. I only know who steps out on the balcony after the conclave and waves at the assembled below in the square.

    That said, I have read that in the 12th century Sts. Norbert and Bernard caused the papal election of Anacletus to be overturned/nullified by demonstrating that even before...before... the election Anacletus had publicly and demonstrably defected from the Faith and therefore Anacletus could not possibly be pope.

    Was Bergolio an open heretic before his 'election'? I don't have sufficient knowledge one way or the other to make up my mind.

    Here's a bit of 'that Bible stuff' for us to chew-over and pray over:

    "For behold I will raise up a shepherd in the land, who shall not visit
    what is forsaken, nor seek what is scattered, nor heal what is broken,
    nor nourish that which standeth, and he shall eat the flesh of the fat
    ones, and break their hoofs.

    O shepherd, and idol, that forsaketh the flock: the sword upon his arm
    and upon his right eye: his arm shall quite wither away, and his right
    eye shall be utterly darkened." Zachariah 11:16-17

    1. I think the legal profession gives one an appreciation of the provisional nature of conclusions and a recognition of one's non-expertise as a generalist. I know many bloggers are for more certain of everything than is the Bear. The Bear grows more skeptical of everything every year. He feels like he is more of an observer, a juror, if you will, than an advocate. Except he also recognizes that he enjoys the luxury of delivering opinions that have no practical consequences. In that way, he is no different from the old fellows condemning one of his clients over coffee at the Hardees, based on what they read in the newspaper. The Bear hopes he is a sharper observer, is all.

    2. Bear, this must be a phenomenon of those of us who are getting long in the bear-tooth. Didn't this used to be called wisdom? One realizes after all, how very darned little one "knew" that one can still be sure about. We all knew everything at 20! Yet at 50, 60, we realize what folly that was. Not only that, we realize that, it doesn't really even matter whether or not we know. As long as we get the real fundamentals right, the rest seems like fluffy details not worth fussing over.

  5. Oh my goodness. That sort of pap isn't fit for anybody beyond the age of reason. I can almost feel the popes tender hand gently patting my head to sooth any doubts I might have that this drivel is indeed a deep and mysterious revelation from a wise and beneficent spiritual elder whose holiness I can never really comprehend.

    In reality, inanities offered as profundities are profanities.

  6. Alas, the awful truth. Thank you for posting it. Now, what, what, what do we do (other than fast and pray)?

  7. I watched that video, and once again found nothing that would make anyone want to become Catholic. It's not Catholic at all, it's not Christian at all. It's a waste.

    I see beauty in creation because of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is Perfection Personified. All beauty comes from God. Our Catholic faith proclaims the Truth regarding the Gospel, and through the Church, God gives us His Life. God, through His Church, gives the world the chance to see what is truly good and beautiful. Our Pope should start proclaiming the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    I feel sorry for my children. I feel like I have to protect them from the worldly nonsense that our Pope proclaims. They get enough of it from television, school, modern music, etc.. I pray that one day our Pope would speak in a manner that would help them find Salvation.

  8. The Popes September video actually has a church in it. Because the people have a of this church have a proper missionary spirit, and understand the Francis gospel, they leave it to help purify the world by cleaning a river. Spread the gospel by cleaning a river.

  9. Rivers don't need to be cleaned. Leave it alone and in a relatively short time it will clean itself.

  10. I went to a weeklong camp to build faith when I was in the 8 th grade at Saint James. I don't remember any priest being there. I don't remember praying the Rosary, or reading the Bible, or learning Church history, or participating in the Sacraments, or reviewing the Catechism. I do remember being captivated by the pretty girls of my class, and learning about the importance of protecting mother earth.
    The camp was supervised, and ran mostly, by the Jewish parents of our one Jewish classmate. My most vivid memory of the camp was when the Jewish father tried to demonstrate his ability to hypnotize people. He tried it on a few of my classmates. He tried to hypnotize me, and it didn't work. I remember him being a little bit annoyed. He said you have to want to be hypnotized, which I'm sure is true.
    They recently changed the name of Saint James to Sister Thea Bowman. Now nearly all of the students at that school aren't Catholic. If things don't change, they never will be.

  11. I'm pretty sure that guy at the beginning took away the old man's hooch (I work for a prison system, I know what hooch looks like) and gave him plain old water...

  12. The motto of this papacy: "Don't worry. Be happy."

  13. A little food for thought as to whether indeed jorge just might be the false-prophet-forerunner-of-the-anti-christ....the anti-John the Baptist, if you will. You work in evidence Bear......

    yeeeaaahhhhh....this echos exactly in the footsteps of the Baptist....Ms. Rodríguez-Múnera had nearly the exact reaction that Herodias had....ah?, eh?, no?


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