Monday, August 21, 2017

Red Death at her Loom

Here's a video Bear made of his driver, bodyguard, factotum and lawfully wedded wife, Red Death, at her new loom. It all looks crazy hard to me.

So, we can officially go from animal to thread (by spinning) to cloth (by weaving) to clothing, by sewing.

Bear could not be more proud of his lovely red haired (and clever!) wife. Hope you enjoy.


  1. I love your new loom ! it looks lovely: all I do is knit etc.: but I have friends who shear/card/spin/dye/weave: and I admire them all tremendously. Best wishes with the weaving !

    1. Thank you Consolata. She will really appreciate your comment. She has only had it about a week, and she's already that good. she's a keeper. Still my high school sweetheart on the back of of my motorcycle! She rambled all around Southern Illinois.

  2. I haven't woven in years - since the kids grew up and I went to work for pay. I remember it as being very calming. What brand did you get?


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