Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dear Humans: You are Screwed - Bear

Coat of Arms - Yaroslavl
Bears With Giant Axes

Okay, first, it's a very substantial looking Bear. Is he waving "hello, there?" Signaling, "STOP!" Or giving a modified paws up "RAWR?"

"Modified," because he's carrying a poleaxe! As if being a Bear were not enough, he has armed himself with a powerful two-pawed cleaving weapon, probably to defeat armored humans. You can bet he is not bent on cutting down the Woodlands!

Things are quiet at the edge of the Woodlands, but that does not mean the Bear has left its eaves or given himself over to idleness.

Judging Angels Sequel Tops 100,000 Words

The sequel to judging angels has topped 100,000 words for those of you interested in the continuing saga of the plucky Able family as Brian and Sandy find themselves at the center of conspiracies, international strategy, and a war between two worlds. Alice gets to channel her hostility as an official "Fearless Demon Hunter," and Pecksley - remember him of the nervous twisty tail? - defies CIA regs and rocks some fabulous new dinofeathers, as well as the fate of every human being on the planet, including you.

Stand by for a major tease on the Bear's proper writing site.

The Fall of Western Civilization: Not With a Bang, but With a Whine

The Bear is disgusted with pretty much everything. He remembers when people - mostly cranks - would laboriously submit "letters to the editor," which were the common person's means of publicizing his views in the pre-electron days. It took some effort and literacy and the ability to purchase and affix a stamp of the proper postage on the missive. And there was always the editor to wad it up and toss it in the trash can by his desk. (Yes, now there are bloggers. And there are crank bloggers and upright reasonable bloggers like the Bear.)

The unforeseen consequence of the Information Revolution, which began with the printing press and got boosted into Stage Two by Internet social media has been to foster vulgarity, incivility, ignorance, sloganeering of the most ignorant sort - in short, agitprop is now in the hands of everyone, not just the professional provocateurs. (Yes, the Bear's irony meter is, as always, perfectly calibrated, but Bears have a God-given instinct for agitprop that must be expressed. Invective is always served with a bit of honey, or at least winsome whimsy - say that fast three times.)

Everyone is oppressed. (You can legally murder Bears for fun - that's oppression. Not being able to choose between potties - no. That is not oppression.)

Everything is a damned cause.

Every cause is an excuse for a nauseating and endless series of "look-at-me" moments.

Every cause is also an excuse for small-scale civil insurrection and virtue violence against innocent, easy targets.

In the old days, the village idiot was tolerated with benign amusement. The crank letter writer wasn't worth reading.

But we are now bombarded with a constant stream of effective agitprop to keep us keyed up, angry, and, most of all, divided into two sides so perfectly balanced as to defy coincidence. And, by the way, this is not a "pox on both houses" article. There is a "more right" and there is a "more wrong." There always has been. And most people have always chosen the wrong. Right from the beginning.

Divided We Tweet

As an outsider, here at the edge of the Woodlands, where he can observe human goings on, the Bear recalls the fall of the Roman Empire. (He was around then, you might remember.) Back then it was the Barbarians (and Islam) versus the Christian West.

The Bear can't see that anything has changed, except for one.

Back then, Christianity was fresh, and was getting a fair trial.

Over the centuries, it, and the West, eventually failed as an institution.

Today, in its function as a builder and maintainer of society, it is another failed Big Idea in the dustbin of history, like Communism and Peronism and National Socialism. That is not to say that Christianity is no longer valid as a religion. It means that it is irrelevant as the perception and partnership of the movement of God among the nations. It no longer stands above the world, but beside the world. A week from next Thursday it will be on its philosophical and institutional knees before the world.

We Will Have No King but Caesar! Make that No King but the Mob!

Down With Trump!

People will try a new idea when they think things are desperate. People will not reach for an old idea, once tried and proven a failure. In simple terms, Christianity - and the concept of the West - has had its day, and Great Caesar's Ghost has finally succumbed to Twitter and Facebook and the men in masks (never a good sign) as did his body to the wounds inflicted by Brutus and his conspirators.

The Bear comes not to praise Caesar, but to bury him.

History has been mostly the growth of the hatred of kings. Not that kings were always good, but non-monarchial leaders don't have such a great record, either. Hatred of kings has become absolute.The sword of order, of which Paul speaks, is held in trembling hands by small men and women more afraid of hurting someone's hypersensitive feelings than preserving order and administering justice.

The last King to be deposed is Christ the King, of course. There can be no exceptions. After all, isn't "No Gods, No Masters" the slogan of the pan-Left?

The Bear can see no solution from the edge of the Woodlands.

Except, maybe, Bears with poleaxes. Ruling a chastened humanity as benevolent despots. Scroll up and let the Bear with the poleaxe speak to your heart. Think of your dear old Teddy. You will know whom you can trust no matter what.


  1. A tortoise is built like a tank. May we be considered among the ruling class in your pole axe dictatorship?

    1. There is no ruling class in the Woodlands. There is only Bear. All animals are equal, but Bear is more equal.

  2. Thanks Bear for bringing the solace of truth. God is testing our faith and patience. But in the meantime while waiting for the climax, tune into Jordan Peterson's 12 part bible series on YouTube looked at from a secular and psychological point of view. The guy is simply amazing and he speaks the truth.

  3. Bear, I still write curmudgeonly letters to the editor. And snappy comebacks on the twittverse. Strike where you can, methinks.

  4. Yours faithfully,
    Disgruntled of Tunbridge Wells.

    1. Lol - This reminds Bear of the Cardinal Marx advice column satires Bear did (Dear Reinhardt) that Bear thought were hilariously wicked. But Bear easily impresses himself.)


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