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The Limits of Truth

The Limits of Truth 

The Bear has told the truth, or at least has applied all of his training, experience and diligence to arrive at what he has reason to believe is the truth, and from a disinterested starting point. He was an apologist for Francis at first, and is still less troubled by his unpleasant quirks and habits of speech. They are really not very important except as convenient little arguments for those who have long
since given up on the man.

He has examined the evidence with a degree of care of which few would believe a Bear capable.

The Church has done one about face after another. It did not begin with Pope Francis, but it did start to manifest around the beginning of the 20th century and got a big boost from V2. Pope Francis has accelerated the process with the deliberate and incessant use of media to appeal to Catholics directly. He drops hints and expects his men to run with them. And how they do! "We hold these truths to be self-evident..." would be one way of putting the Bear's argument.

The mid-19th Century Church could pass the Church of today on the street without recognizing it. It would, in fact avoid eye contact and move to the other side.                                                                                                                                                                      
In a nutshell, the Church has adapted with enthusiasm to the spirit of the World. It has brought upon itself a crisis of credibility, and no amount of wishing is going to make it go away. One signature doctrine after another is being quietly dropped.

The only people who disagree with the Bear are those who are convinced already - those who must be convinced for their peace of mind. There are fundamentalists on both ends of the spectrum although Francis exempts his fundamentalists from criticism.

Unless the Church Transforms the World, the World Will Transform the Church

It is impossible to deny the West is sick and lacks confidence. The same may be seen of its institutions. The Church is failing in the very same way at the very same time as all other Western institutions. Too late we are realizing just how serious the command to baptize the nations was. The Church thrives in a Christian society. If it builds in a swamp, instead of draining it, it will grow sick just like its neighbors. (See Romans 12:2.)

If you look at the intellectual fashions of the West, you will quickly discover that the Church is baptizing and embracing them all. To adapt a phrase, the Catholic Church has become the Democrat party at prayer. If you doubt the Bear's words, look at the USCCB's committees. They are filled with proud socialists, Soros think tankers and liberals of every stripe, all gathered for the greatest exhibition of virtue signaling in the world.

The Magisterium of the Photo-Op and Sound Byte

The Bear learned long ago that deeply satisfying emotional beliefs, e.g. the death penalty, make poor topics for discussion. There is literally no point in presenting arguments, because people will not even listen to them, much less seriously entertain them. Besides, the magisterium of the photo-op and of the sound byte are the only magisteriums that count anymore. One may argue "oh, those don't really  mean anything," and the Bear would  agree, except in what the press reports and interested third parties trumpet and priests decide to implement "pastorally" and in the beliefs of individual Catholics.

It is a brilliant bit of sleight of hand by people who are impatient with the truth interfering with their agendas. The only way it works is because everyone is afraid to call them out on it. The Bear has never offered the alternative. He has always left that to others. It is enough for one Bear to point out the obvious for most who still don't get it, or others have decided to elevate other things higher than the truth of  God.

The Great Battle: The Church of Ought vs. The Church That Is

This is a shame, even a danger, because Catholics desperately need to start bringing "the Church as it Ought to Be" in line with "the Church as it Really is" in a careful, intellectually-sound and deliberate fashion. The old pietistic or ultramontanist kneejerk responses ("there, there, now, we've had bad popes before," or "if only you truly understood Vatican II," or insults and putdowns) are ludicrously inadequate.
The Bear is resting here on the outskirts of the woodlands, because he has said all this before. At some point, the benefit of him stating the truth must be balanced against the danger of harming the faith of certain people of good will. The Bear suspects that those who agree with the Bear's assessment don't need to read it, the rest won't want to read it, and there may be those it could harm.  

The Bear has always stuck to non-supernatural arguments, not because the supernatural is unimportant, but because where naturalistic arguments suffice to explain things, one need not invoke the supernatural. At an any rate, that has been the Bear's approach, and there are plenty of alternatives. Of course, the designs of God are often manifested in the natural world through Providence.

The Church is capitulating to the world, of that there can be no doubt. That is a big enough message for a Bear.                          


  1. "The mid-19th Century Church could pass the Church of today on the street without recognizing it. It would, in fact avoid eye contact and move to the other side."

    My friend, you have nailed it so perfectly. What a horror we should have. May God have mercy on us and help us! Our Lady remove our blinders and strengthen us, your children.

    -a sinner

  2. In each individual man there is the man that ought to be vs. the man that is. We are divided against our very selves until we are crucified in Christ.

  3. Dear Bear,
    I really like your portrait. Is that a pensive gaze ? What does it mean when Bear's ears are drooping ?
    Regards !

    1. Dear Consolata,

      This is a portrait of a very sad Bear.

      The Bear

    2. I am so sorry that you are sad, Bear ! Perhaps your people will get you a kitten ? Cats and Bears are very compatable.
      And, both Love yarn et al.
      Take a gander of a photo of Consolata someday: Sister Consolata Betrone. She will cheer you up. And, she wears brown, just like you,

    3. God must have been thinking the same thing. Two adopted strays Xander and Tuggles just produced a small litter or three kittens. The first one opened her eyes today.

    4. oh good ! Bear will now have less time/energy to be upset over the news and will fall in love with the wee animals.

  4. Good summary Bear. Right on. For me, I plan to stop 'going on' about the Modernist Catholic Church which been trending in this direction for over 100 years. It God's good time it will all collapse as the seeds of it's own destruction are within. What we need to do now is to understand that 'Being a Catholic is a commitment to holiness'. And understanding this seriously pursue it. For example, read and follow St. Francis de Sales 'Introduction to the Devout Life.' Thus it is better to personally demonstrate that Catholicism works than to spend time decrying it's current state of corruption and decay.

  5. I think some of our Church leaders are true disciples of worldly philosophy and modern intellectualism. They are rationalistic and naturalistic, but they are not realistic. The faith that has been passed down to us is the Truth. The Miracles that happened in the recent past are the Truth. If they were realistic, then they would have the courage and desire to not conform to ways of this world, but to transform this world through allowing Christ to be made present through their faith.
    Our Church has true worldly disciples leading it, with countless cowardly confused men following them.
    The Catholic faith is real, the past is real, and the Truth is timeless.

  6. SEPTEMBER 25, 2017

    There is a mistake in Vatican Council II : two popes need to be shown that in principle hypothetical cases are not exceptions to EENS

    SEPTEMBER 24, 2017

    Two popes need to correct the objective error in salvation theology which cannot be the teaching of the Holy Spirit and so is not magisterial

  7. You are exactly correct Bear. The Church is fast disappearing in a miasma of heresy and confusion. Of course all the current nonsense will all come to an end someday and the end will be bad. But we must look forward to the day that Christ sends us someone to cleanse the Church of it's diabolical narcissism as Ann Barnhardt would have it.

    Anyway, for myself I will continue to pray for the Church, attend the Novus Ordo Mass in my parish, get my inspiration from ancient and Holy writers, tune out as much negativity about the Church as I can, and listen to Dr Jordan Peterson whose 12 part Bible Series is outstanding. He is a man--not a Catholic or even a Christian--who stands up for God and the Truth. Listening to him gives me hope. And hope is what we need right now. Remember God knows what's going on down here and He is biding his time Patience please. Mysterious are the ways of the Lord.


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