Friday, October 27, 2017

21 out of 21 Perfect Record Chills

Smith & Wesson 38 Chief's Special just like from Judging Angels.

With the 21st of 21 unbroken five-star reviews of Judging Angels, the Bear must reflect that a different sort of "21 out of 21 perfect record" was the background to domestic collapse and the eventual employment of the above-pictured firearm in Judging Angels. (More than once!)

It occurs to the Bear that it feels pretty creepy to be sitting on the very same record of doom, and the sooner he hits 22 (another significant number in Judging Angels, which has a bit of fun along those lines for those who like Easter eggs) the better.

Although it is set beginning one snowy Christmas Eve where a decent guy faces his darkest moment (yes, sort of like that movie if directed by Alfred Hitchcock instead of Frank Capra) it would make far better Halloween reading for a thrilling, scary, yet surprisingly Catholic, change of pace.

Bear hugs to all reviewers.

(If you're waiting on a book copy, rest assured it is already autographed and will be going out first thing next week.)


  1. Wow, you saw right through Bear, Martha. Yes, he's trying to intrigue people into buying his dubious novel. Your book is finally going out today (along with the others). Yer gonna read the back cover & think it's a crime novel, or maybe a courtroom drama. Lots of crime, little court, more than a little sound Catholic reflection, but never a dull moment.

    And, if everybody who received a book, whether by purchase or gratis, were to leave an Amazon review (not that you have to, of course) JA would be within sight of the magic 35 reviews for some love from Amazon.

    1. Everybody in this shipment, Bear should say.


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