Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Handful of Kittehs & Woodlands News

Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol.

Two semi-official cats - a gray striper male ("Xander") and b&w "tuxedo" female ("Tuggles") - gave us a present here at Bear Manor. Bear supposes their status needs to be updated to "official" and visits to the vet scheduled. Anybody want a kitten?

The mama decided to carry all three one-by-one up the stairs to hide them in our bedroom closet, which is now their nursery.
Buster, head on pillow next to ailing Bear.
Bear has been under the weather the last four days and expects to remain so for the next couple of weeks, but his faithful guardian, court jester and Head of Book Shipping Department, Buster, is at his side. 

And his driver, bodyguard and factotum, Red Death, is being very kind, especially since the Bear is lousy company on today, our 41st anniversary, "for her price is far above rubies." See Proverbs 31.

All Bear feels like doing is curling up on the floor under a blanket and whimpering, blessed be the Name of the Lord.

If you haven't yet reviewed your copy of Judging Angels, the Bear is sure the 21st review would make him feel better in a pretty dismal period. (Don't judge Bear. Shameless self-promotion is considered an ursine virtue.) In fact, he is already feeling a little better just imagining it. (Bear needs 35 to get any love from Amazon. Amazon reviews are ridiculously important to a book's success, so... please?

And if you haven't read it, you might check out 20 out of 20 5-star reviews to see what you're missing in cutting edge Catholic fiction no mere human "author" [sic!] could deliver. Yikes! "21 out of 21" ought to ring a monitory bell among those who have already read it. Will the Bear match the famous, yet possibly damning, perfect record of George Able, the protagonist of Judging Angels? Anyway, some of the reviews are great reads in themselves, especially those of "Susan" and "J Wilson," who identifies himself as a Priest and wishes it could be part of marriage preparation programs.

The Bear hardly knows what to say, except he is humbled (for once) and  thank you for all the kind words. He's working hard to deliver the next in the series.

Finally, the Bear was, well, under the circumstances, excited would not be the best word, to be honest, but certainly pleased, to receive a copy of fellow Hope & Life Press author Angelo Stagnaro's A Modern Sinner's Guide for the Third Millennium to read. He will share his thoughts when he finishes it.

There is no greater expert on sin than the Bear, as long-time readers have already no doubt concluded on their own.


  1. That appears to be a *double* handful of little kittens, or as we say in Orkney, a guppen o peedie kettlins.

    1. How delightful! My wife is Irish and a loom weaver, and, possibly, a selkie, but I'm not sure. I am sure living where you do is very interesting.

  2. What sweet kittens! Not only do I wish I were your neighbor for benefit of your intelligence and humor, but you have a menagerie.
    I hope you feel better soon. Maybe you are suffering sinus problems like so many others right now. Whatever it is, please God, a quick recovery.

    1. It would wonderful if some of the Woodland Creatures lived nearby, so we really could toast marshmallows and tell stories as the goats and chickens slumber. But the Woodlands, the Big Clearing, the Bear's Cave and the River full of salmon are just as real as you want them to be - as is your friend, the Bear.

  3. I forgot, Buster is the absolute cutest shipping dept. ever.

    1. Buster thanks you. However, he is not very efficient.


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