Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Great Goat Breakout

Four goats broke out today. Panda led the way. You can see three others huddled against the fence. We're having a tough time keeping them in. They are remarkable escape artists, able to squeeze under the fence with little difficulty.

It's like the Steve McQueen movie, "The Great Escape" every day around here.

In other news, Red Death was chortling with glee this morning ordering some sort of "castration device" on Amazon.

Bear assumes it was for goats.


  1. Buster needs to be out there doing some herding. Your place looks peaceful. Don't tell us where it is, we may all end up living there.

    1. Beau is our Aussie herding dog. He doesn't live out with them, though. It is pretty peaceful.

  2. You know that ”if a fence can’t hold water, it can’t hold goats.”

  3. I shared that with Red Death and she got a big kick out of it. I sounds like an old saying. Do you know where it's from?


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