Saturday, November 25, 2017

Big News & Hilarious Kitten Video

The Bear is pleased to announce that Judging Angels will be available in an audiobook January, 2018.

In the video, a kitten finds the perfect refuge from her sister.

Sequel is still a work in progress. It is more challenging to write and poor Bear is having to work hard and has had to discard drafts with which he was not happy. In related news, you might enjoy an article at that other guy's blog about Adverbs, Editors, Writing Rules and Hemingway. What do you think? Should all writers try to be Hemingway? Is his reputation well-deserved, or was he a writer of a particular time that influenced an (even!) older generation of writers?


  1. Ahahahahaha! Hilarious! The best part of kittens, for sure.

  2. Try this one. Cats seem to like glass.


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