Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Out of three kittens, Molly is the chosen one, bearing the collar of adoption. She chose the Bear, really. She demanded he refill her water bowl. She curled up and slept against him. She purred.

Kitty kasting kall is over. The rest may go. "He who made kittens put snakes in the grass," as goes Jethro Tull's second, biggest and last Top-40 hit, "Bungle in the Jungle," which hit number 15 in 1975. Bear is thankful for both kittens and snakes, because even snakes have their purpose helping the barn cats keep the mice population under control.

Everything is under control, even in the enemy-occupied territory where we make our homes, man and Bear.

The Bear is thankful for many things, right down to his pets, which bring him so much joy. (Not least of which is Buster the Yorkie, head of his Book Shipping Department). Please take a moment to count your own blessings.


  1. What kind of a bear adopts kittens! One with a great big heart. Happy Thanksgiving to bear, mate, and all cubs. And all here. :)

  2. A blessed and joyful Thanksgiving to all the Bear family.....in all things; feast and storm ( especially storm)....praise Him.

    .... and don't eat the kitten.

  3. Ditto what Kathleen said.

    We have two new kittens also, but thus far our resident Alpha cat, Charlie, who is 15 and obviously doesn't recall when HE was the new kid being introduced to elder cats, would rather kill them than anything else. We are about to try the indoor screen door method, wish us luck, please.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you all both at Zoar and in the Woodlands!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Great Bear!

    Owl´s cat chose Owl as well. This is the way of the feline -- they choose, we do not. Cats do not have the loyalty of dogs or the general positive empowerment towards any who they encounter. Rather, cats display God´s grace towards all, but also choosing some and not others. In them is this mystery.

    1. Hmm, your cat sounds a bit like a Calvinist.

    2. Suma Part I Q 23 Art 3. Owl's cat is a cat. But as the Good God brings rain to the good and the bad, some that humans consider to be bad will be shown to be elect and some that humans consider to be good will be show to be reprobate. This is a great mystery. Like why Owl's cat should choose to sit on this lap but never that lap. Dogs sit wherever, cats choose. This choosing is a mystery.

      What makes a Calvinist a Calvinist is not that the Good God chooses some and not others, but rather that God is never present in the life of those not chosen -- that it only rains on the good and not the bad. The Pelegian says that God's choice is determined by man's own activity, that it is earned or demanded out of justice.

      The mystery of the Good God's choice is also the mystery of EENS -- they WHY did the Good God choose to make Great Bear a Bear and not something else or nothing at all, and further more a Catholic Bear rather than a non-Catholic Bear. Why should Bear be in the Church and not out of it?

      To drive the nail into the heart of the "anonymous Christian", the "three great Abrahamic faith traditions", the empty hell, and The Mercy^tm, awakens one to the mysterium tremendium, entering into the cloud of the unknowing, and finding oneself face to face before the silent whorl wind of Job.

      The Mystery of the Good God whom before all things are but dust and ash and all unfolds according to His will out of His goodness and His superabundant choices, not for anything other than the sake of the World that it might know Him and that He is Lord.

      We live in a world where prelates full of themselves think themselves greater than the Good God and posit all sorts of reasons that the Good God must, at the end of the day, save them. This is the attempt to bend God to man's own will. But God is God and dust is dust. That dust should in fact be dust is God's own choice and that dust that rejected God might be chosen to be saved from consequences of that rejection is also God's choice alone.

      Thanksgiving and being thankful is not about thanks for what is owed in justice, but rather thankfulness for that which was given when it was not owed. In this thankfulness and joy is also a sense of lamentation, that of Job....."I had heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees thee; therefore I despise myself, and repent in dust and ashes.”

  6. Bubbacat and Sissycat offer their sincere congrats on Bear's adoption of a new feline fur baby.

    Seattle kim

  7. A farm cat in the house! Unheard of. You've a cozy barn full of goats, I believe. A strangely remarkable bear, indeed. ;)

    1. There are the house cats and the barn cats. We are not egalitarian. Looks like the field cats are going to have to go to the vet very soon, though. I think people figure any place with a barn is a good place to dump unwanted cats.

  8. Such cat classism! Well, I suppose. Some are ship cats, some are alley cats, some are barn cats, and some are house cats... remember that Little Golden Book? Good times.


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