Saturday, December 9, 2017

Judging Angels - a Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas shopping. If you're like the Bear, you'd rather not. At best, you have good intentions, then all of a sudden it's three days before Christmas and you're anxiously looking out the window for that brown UPS truck.

Act today and take care of the readers on your list. Give them something different, as in different from anything else they've read. It takes place in a Catholic moral universe, too. Come for the casuistry and Thomistic table talk; stay for the smokin' guns and redheads.

But don't take the Bear's word for it. Check out the reviews.

Did you know you know you can make "mayhem" from the letters in "Merry Christmas?" Watch "It's a Wonderful Life." Then see how things would probably work out for the rest of us.
And, with every copy sold, an angel earns its wings. Okay, the Bear made that up. But it does put a little salmon in his stocking.

And with the next installment coming early next year, you might as well get up to speed on the adventures of the plucky Able family.

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