Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Guide to Lent for Bears (and Bearish Humans)

The Bear apologizes for neglecting his ephemeris, but here are a few ponies he's running down right now.

First is a little book with a working title of "Guide to Lent for Bears (and Bearish Humans)." If you remember the Bear's Lent stories, you'll know what it's like. Forty stories, one for each day, with planned illustrations. The Bear has a good feeling about it. According to his counting stones, he is only one-quarter of the way finished with a February 1 deadline.

For real.

Second, there is the current rewrite of Book Two of the Rubricatae Chronicles, Conspiracy of Crows. Travail in childbirth indeed; this one has been sideways for a year. Bear hopes he has solved all the problems and can get started again after the Lent book is finished. Right now, though, there are only three finished chapters. It is not quite as dire as that, since there's enough salvage material for ten novels and it's finally got some traction.

Then there was a bit of voice work. The Bear narrates a beautiful short film by Marcelle Abela that uses images from the Hubble space telescope set to a poem and music. This is one of those things that make you say, "Wow. I'm really glad I have an ultra high-resolution screen!"


  1. Yay! Look forward to your "Guide to Lent for Bears".

    Now, to google the PILLARS OF CREATION.

    1. It's not released yet. I'm about to watch the final cut, in fact. I'll post a link when it's out. Very soon.

  2. Oh how cool! Well why not use a nice big bear voice when describing the heavens? I'm so curious as to how you ended up with that gig. The film looks fascinating.


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