Sunday, February 4, 2018

Baby Goats Continue to Arrive!

Here is Mazy getting warmed up with 19,600 BTUs.
(Bear Thermal Units). She has since been put into some sort of pink
doeling parka with a built-in muffler and taken away from poor Bear.
(Photo should be upright, not horizontal, so kind of cock your head to one side.)

Ava had triplets waiting for us after church today. And, two of them were does. bless her heart!

So. we've had nine kids in 12 days. Even better, four doelings!

Some images from Zoar.

In total, our herd  is now 19 in number: 12 does and 7 bucks. The plan is to sell the bucklings and use the money to buy an angora goat whose hair the Shepherdess can spin.

Napoleon seems to be providing more than his share of paternity, although we really need to get organized and put some different colored chalk on their bellies to make certain.

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  1. Our Anglican Convent -- The Community of St Mary (Eastern Province) in rural upstate NY raises Angora goats, spins the wool, etc. They have regularly won all of the prizes at the county fairs and fiber festivals that they have entered. They also do a 4H project using the children to help with the kids.
    They are always happy to share knowledge. The goatherd is Sister Mary Elizabeth. Here is the communmity's website:


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