Sunday, February 11, 2018

Bear Lent Book News!

A Lenten Companion for Bearish Humans
by Tim and Kathryn Capps
Illustrated by Ragan Black

The Bear is not at liberty to divulge where in the publishing process the long-awaited Bear's Lent Book is. Let's put it this way, though. One way or another, the Bear would like to accompany you on your Lenten journey from day one. 

Make of that what you will.

He'll tell you this, though. The Bear and his publisher have been working around the clock. It's probably just as well we are on different continents, there, for a couple of days, since we're both perfectionists and... um, intense. But, hey, we've already done our Lent!

What can the Bear share?

You'll laugh. You'll cry. (Seriously.) You'll think. Each story is crafted to illustrate some lesson the Bear has learned from his Lenting. You'll probably recognize yourself in some of them. Probably a lot of them.

Taken together, they tell a continuous story while reflecting the rhythms of the Bear's own Lenten experiences. So, it's sort of like a short novel, too, with character development. That's what sets it apart from other Lent books, if a talking Bear were not enough. In fact, the Bear issues a challenge. As a little extra Lenten discipline, he challenges you to commit to limit yourself to just one chapter a day.

That's the way it was written to be read.

What the heck, the Bear will spill a few beans.

This is going to be a beautiful little book with charming illustrations. The stories are similar to the few that have appeared here, but they aren't slap-dash blogfill. This is the Bear as he has always wanted to be presented: with plenty of time spent polishing the prose, plot and themes. 
Also, there is plenty of additional material for your enjoyment and edification, ranging from Arbeo, an 8th Century Bishop of Freising (to whom this ephemeris owes a great debt) to WikiLeaks.

How, you might ask, could WikiLeaks possibly be relevant to a Lenten Companion? The answer is that only the Bear could find a way, but when you see it, you will know exactly why it's there.

What about young adult readers? Make no mistake, this is not a children's book. But it is written in a simple style and the stories are short and vivid, and meant to be memorable. I think even children could listen to the stories about the talking Bear and get something out of it with a grownup's help. Might be a fun way to supplement whatever religious education they're getting. (Probably not for a little girl with the entire My Pretty Pony collection, though...)

There are even... Wait. Bear isn't sure he's supposed to say, yet.

Do not expect a dour 40 Days of Self-Flagellation Manual. Do you think the Bear could stay serious for a whole 40 days? Not on your your life. This is the Bear you know and love, along with...


Those are some very special beans the Bear shall not spill. Some things should remain a surprise.

A Really Big Surprise.

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  1. By you and Red Death, as well as illustrated by your daughter! This is becoming even more interesting.


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