Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lentblogging Day 1 - The Plan

As a trial lawyer, the Bear would write his closing arguments backwards.

That way, from the beginning, he thought about what he wanted in the minds of the jurors at the end.

Today is Ash Wednesday. You are probably thinking about getting your ashes, adopting a suitably penitential attitude, and what you've given up for Lent. Maybe you're worried about finding sand or sticks or motor oil or something else symbolic instead of holy water in the stoup.

The Bear will be thinking about the end of Lent. Not just being better, or holier, or whatever. He will be counting his resources and carefully planning the construction of the tower he wishes to have after 40 days. Now, even Bears know that building a tower costs much salmon and takes a lot of planning beforehand. Having some vague notion that you want it tall, or strong, or have really cool-looking crenelations on top isn't enough.

Which of you wishing to construct a tower does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if there is enough for its completion? Otherwise, after laying the foundation and finding himself unable to finish the work the onlookers should laugh at him and say, ‘This one began to build but did not have the resources to finish.’ 

Luke 14:28-30 (NABRE).

The Bear will be making a short list of specific things he wants to be different about himself by the other side of Easter. Not many. That would be a mistake, at least for a Bear. But, two or three of the most important. He won't  be stopping there.

Along with this secret list, he will use all of his cunning to devise practical, real-life strategies to help him succeed. He's going to write those down, too. "Being nicer" is a lousy Lenten resolution, and "being a better Christian" isn't much better. 

You know the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This time Bear is going to Lent different. Lent smart.

He's going to be a Bear With a Plan, so people won't laugh at his stupid fallen-down towers anymore.


UPDATE: Just surprised to find audiobook of JUDGING ANGELS available! Very pleased with the narrator, who did a fantastic job interpreting it, instead of just reading it. It’s a Christian thriller about marriage with a high body count.

Information about the new book, Saint Corbinian's Bear Lenten Companion for Bearish Humans:

Price for ebook is $9.99. Paperback is $18.99. The ebook is available at Amazon The paperback will be available in a couple of weeks.

If you want an autographed copy, but also want to accompany the Bear from day one of Lent, use the PayPal (DONATE) link in the sidebar to send $18.99. Be sure to provide instructions about how you would like it autographed. When the Bear receives his copies (10-15 days from Ash Wednesday) he will mail them to advance buyers and even cover the cost of shipping single copies in the U.S.

Advance buyers of the paperback will get all front matter and beginning chapters in a PDF format upon receipt of payment. The Bear will make sure you are taken care of until you have the paperback in your hands.

Bears are all about having their cake and eating it to, even during Lent, so you can have your autographed copy and not miss a single day of ursine accompaniment.

Please consider it part of your Lenten discipline to read one chapter per day, and only one. Not only does it follow the rhythms of Lent, but it is a story, after all, and you don't want to spoil it.

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