Monday, February 12, 2018

RELEASE! Bear's Lent Book


Lenten Companion for Bearish Humans
by Tim and Kathryn Capps
Illustrated by Ragan Black

for download at Amazon

Ash Wednesday Eve

The Bear breaks out of the four corners of your screen tomorrow (if you are reading his today, February 12th) and rampages into Amazon in ebook format just in time for Lent. The price will be $9.99.

The paperback version will be available a few days later. If you would prefer an autographed paperback copy let the Bear know. We're working out a way to get paperback buyers in on the fun (Lent, fun?) starting Ash Wednesday.


Maybe you’re not learned. Maybe you’re not holy. Maybe you’re not even entirely human. That’s okay. A 1300-year-old talking bear is here to be your daily companion during Lent.

In the early 8th Century a Frankish hermit named Corbinian traveled to Rome be near the relics of Saint Peter. A pious tale relates that a bear killed his pack horse as he crossed an Alpine pass. God had plans for him, because the bear was miraculously tamed and served as a replacement beast of burden all the way to Rome. There Corbinian freed him and the bear was never seen again. Corbinian was sent to bring true Christianity to the Germans. He founded a Benedictine Monastery in Freising, Bavaria, and became known as Saint Corbinian. 

Saint Corbinian’s Bear survives to this day on the papal coat of arms of Pope Benedict XVI, who was ordained in Freising and, as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, served as Archbishop of Munich and Freising.

This Lenten Companion imagines that the story missed one detail: the Bear was granted the ability to talk. The Bear was so intrigued by Saint Corbinian that he followed him all the way to Bavaria where the two became fast friends. Many years later, Saint Corbinian was moved to share Lent with the Bear- perhaps to protect the local pony population. In 40 stories that follow the authors’ own Lenten experiences and rhythms, the sincere, but simple Bear learns one lesson after another. Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, but always memorable, together they form a grand adventure.

A Bear begins Lent, but what kind of creature shall see its end?

The authors draw in part upon their experience as Benedictine oblates to transmit timeless truths for all Christians in this charming story. The tales are told with deceptive simplicity. After each chapter, the authors ask questions designed to help you think about the lessons the Bear has learned. They are not always the right ones. Bears sometimes serve best as bad examples. 

You may be surprised to find much of yourself in the Bear. But that’s okay. If a Bear can make it through Lent and learn a thing or two, you can, too.

This is a Lenten Companion unlike any other, designed for even the most Bearish Humans.


  1. Owl wishes an autographed copy. How much salmon needs to be stuck in the mail for you? Likely other copies as well that need not be autographed. Need to see product and check funds. Owl just paid taxes, which hurt. At least Lent cuts down on food and other expenses.

    1. Bear doesn't know how much the paperback is going to be. Bear cannot remember last time he slept as he and his publisher set a new record for book turn around to get it to Amazon in time for Lent with zero compromise on making it exactly as Bear wanted..

      Bear has not even seen galleys yet, but that's okay because he has not captured slaves to row them, and there is only a small pond, anyway.

      Bear is thinking that he will take advance orders for the autographed books and somehow make sure paperback buyers get the content in time for Lent by email. Maybe torture them by sending chapters one-by-one the day before, as it was written to be used.

      Bear fears readers will miss the value by gulping down his book in one night.

  2. Will there be any delicious papal maulings, or do we have to wait for Easter to feast?

    1. People are just going to have to read between the lines. Let’s just say it is not written exclusively for Catholics, let alone one wing or another. It may express a certain tacit acknowledgement that we live in an age where it is difficult to trust.

      The Use and Abuse of Mercy is the mame of one of the chapters.

      It tries to provide guidance for our times, Whether my readers will recognize a sly Bear wink or two, will be interesting to see.

      I’ll make no bones about its honesty. It is unique in that way. If I think I see a pitfall on one side or another, I address it in a sensible way. No one will be pleased by every single thing. Probably everyone will find something challenging. So much the better.

      In the end, it is designed more to permit readers to examine themselves and draw their own conclusions rather than trying to stir up more controversy.


    10 please. (to start :)

  4. It's up! Will you have an affiliate link?

    1. Apparently not. What is that? Bear just writes the stuff.

    2. Amazon can provide "affiliate links" that entitle you to a percentage of any order placed using them. I'm glad I waited, though, and saw the ability to purchase directly from you.

      The Beaver

    3. My publisher handles all that stuff. Bear pays for his own stock of books to have for people who want autographed copies. Otherwise people just get them from Amazon and Bear gets a little piece of Salmon for each one.

      Hey, Beaver got mentioned in the book!

    4. Now it's harder to do only one reading a day!

      The Beaver

    5. But just think about the discipline you will be building! Beaver gets a mention pretty early on.

  5. Dear Bear, wish to order an autographed paperback copy, puleeze....looking forward to it. By the by if Judging Angels is available in audio form now I would like to order one sent to a blind friend in Boston.
    Blessed Saint Valentine’s Day my friend. Fredericka

    1. For an autographed copy, just send $18.99 using the PayPal donate button. Bear will email you a PDF version of the book's front matter and enough chapters so you don't miss any days of Lent. Then, when he gets the printed book, he will ship it to you. (Shipping is free for single copies in the U.S.)

      The audio version of Judging Angels was supposed to be out in January, but it's a long book. Bear can only imagine it is just about done. He will asked his publisher.

  6. Correction on audio book. Bear got blindsided by the release. It is available now on Amazon!


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