Friday, February 2, 2018

The Age of Absurdity

The Age of Aquarius

Those of a certain age will remember the song the Age of Aquarius. It was an optimistic view of peace and understanding supposedly ushered in by some very bad astronomy.

In a way, it was prophetic, however.

We have made some minor real progress toward brotherhood and tolerance but it has come at a huge price. 

In order to remain relevant, all Western institutions now must issue fatuous statements that deny reality. We are to the point where "male" and "female" are relics of an intolerant past of twenty years ago that burned at the stake the broad gender spectrum between the natural polarities.

For example, the Pope videos are utterly devoid of any reference to Christ, although they do promote decent - worldly - messages of kindness to one and all. 

An Example: The New Jew View of 2015

A far more egregious example is the 2015 New Jew View of the Vatican, issued by the magisterium of the photo op, a new, infallible reality that official theology hasn't quite caught up with and justified yet.

It won't, because it can't, and it doesn't matter anymore.

"The Catholic Church neither conducts nor supports any specific institutional mission work directed toward the Jews." So said the document on the 50th anniversary of Nostrae Aetate. A rabbi joined Cardinal Koch at the press conference to make it kosher.

The anniversary is important. The Vatican needed something to prove its brotherhood bona fides since there was grumbling that 50 years after Vatican II, Jews were still expected to bother with Jesus. How hateful!

If you want the photo op with the rabbi, the only thing you have to bargain with is the truth. Today, interfaith relations are so important they have eclipsed the truth. In addition, Pope Francis has worked closely with an Argentinian Rabbi, Abraham Skorka, with whom he authored a book, "On Heaven and Earth." We all know how Jorge Bergoglio's personal connections influence Church policies.

The Vatican is a little wobbly on the the theology, but Jews now have a special non-Jesus means of salvation. One wonders what all the fuss has been about the last 2000 years if Jesus is optional if your lobby is powerful enough.

Instant, Worldwide Communication
(see Amusing Ourselves to Death)

In the Age of Absurdity, public, institutional comments must conform to a strict template of tolerance and brotherhood. They are like the gung-ho Soviet public speech that kept the black car away from the curb in front of your door. Yet, at the same time, the private conversation among people on social media has descended into the snake pit. What a brood of vipers one finds!

The secular world of celebrities is reeling as careers are destroyed over a careless word or an allegation of sexual impropriety twenty years ago. Note: the Bear has zero tolerance for sexual predators (notwithstanding legitimate legal defense) but some of these allegations seem very strange to him. It seems that "yes" can mean "no," and "maybe" can mean "no," and "yes, that, but not this" can mean "no." 

This is surely Cosmic Irony at work as smug liberal celebrities are falling as thick as papal comments on an airplane. It turns out that a faithful, monogamous relationship is looking pretty good in comparison to a sexual lifestyle that turned out to be risky in more than one way.

The cause for this worldly collapse of all institutions of the West is the ready availability of instant, worldwide communication. It is just that simple. Well, nothing is that simple. You could trace it a long way back, but the Bear has courted enough controversy for one article.

It is not enough to have prayer intentions. We must also have a Public Service Announcement from the Generic Spiritual Leader of the World, Jorge Bergoglio.

The Dalai Lama must really be put out that his place has been usurped. Nor is it likely to ever change, barring solar flares that destroy all communication beside print. Jorge Bergoglio has combined the presence of JPII with the ubiquity and intellect of Oprah.

All institutional speech everywhere in the West sounds exactly the same. The problem is, it is often not reflecting truth. This is especially acute in the Catholic Church, where the magisterium of the photo op is unhinging the gates of the Church. The gates of Hell would not prevail, if only someone stormed them.

The Semitic Exception

Ironically, the only confident, realistic institutions left are Semitic. By that, the Bear means the Arabs and the Jews. One has significant aggressively expansive elements and the other has been taught by two wars of of extermination begun by its peaceful neighbors that it cannot afford to ignore reality. 

The mess we're in could not have happened 500 years ago. It could not have happened 50 years ago. Now, we are seeing the economic law of Gresham applied to the currency of speech, and, behind it, thought. "Bad money drives out good."

And bad speech has driven out good speech in the West. It is a wonder we can still think at all.

Thank God for blogs.


  1. The presence of JP2 and the intellect of Oprah. Epic!
    Reminds me of the so called 10 commandments of PF.

  2. I feel as if I know enough about Islam to form a reasonably solid conclusion about how things are.
    I never feel as if I know enough about Israel or Jews to form anything remotely like a solid conclusion. I suspect things, but don't know, I hear things, but rather indirectly. It's an obviously complex topic, but fear and paranoia seem to constrict honest talk, so we never know. Are there bad guys? We won't know it, if there are. Surely there are. And who are the good guys? What part does anyone play in anything today? We don't know, but we suspect.
    And I somewhat pray for a solar flare that takes out the evil Internet. Yes, it would be terrible in some ways, but it would be wonderful in others. If one less child were corrupted by the pornography that reaches them, it would be worth it, let alone all the other mess it creates.

    1. The Bear would make the ultimate sacrifice and see the interwebs destroyed. They are slowly monetizing themselves into uselessness. As long as people would remember to send him the occasional salmon for the free stuff he's provided all these years. (Thanks to those who have remembered an old military pensioner.)

      There's a line from Roger Waters' album Amused to Death, "The Jews kill the Arabs and the Arabs kill the hostages, and that is the news." The politics of the Middle East are really no mystery. The borders were drawn up arbitrarily by Western Powers. It might have worked, despite that. People forget how cosmopolitan Iran was before Islamic extremism. Yes, the Shah was a strongman, but not many Arab states seem to be able to avoid self-destruction without one.

      In my opinion, Islam is a problem, full stop. Not Arabs. Bears are not so much into kumbaya and holding hands with strangers who worship mysterious solitary beings who don't have much going for them other than Sovereignty. Calvinism on steroids, although at least you can earn your way into paradise, and you don't even have to blow anyone up, as far as the Bear understands it.

      Bear has visited Israel. Tour guides are pretty much propaganda agents for the state. No doubt Israel is surrounded by enemies. The '73 war was dicier than people imagine. Israel deliberately attacked a U.S. intelligence gathering Navy ship, killing many. Bear is Ursus Arctos, not Ursus Maritimus, but he is a Navy veteran. He has a hard time forgetting that, especially since he was in signals intelligence in the Army. (Yes, you read that right; Bear double-dipped.)

      Israel is an irritant in the region, but if it wasn't Israel it would be something else. I will say they have their right to be wary and prepared. Do they have a "right" to be there? Bears believe people have the right to whatever territory they can defend. That is the law among Bears, anyway. This is not a justification for aggression and conquest, but after a certain time, the legal part of the Bear screams "statute of limitations" and is strongly in favor of the status quo.

      Unlike many countries in the West (and I consider Israel a Western country) it has no problem identifying, articulating and defending its interests, unless something has changed.

      The Jews as a people are cohesive. My old boss at the Office of the State Appellate Defender told a story at a conference that whenever anything happened, the only thing his family would ask is, "Is it good for the Jews?" (It was in the context of "is it good for the defense bar?") I think that is largely true. I don't think that makes them bad guys at all. I admire it, in fact. It does make me wish we had "our own team" that thought the same ways.

      I have had several Arab friends, both Moslem and Christian. I do not wish to generalize, but one joked about the Holocaust movies that are, or were, Oscar bait every two or three years. "We call them 'Jewish Westerns,' he told me. Another time, after a few drinks at the Holiday Inn, an instructor at DLI (a Christian Arab) was dancing with a woman - we had met a couple there and just started talking. He found out they were Jews, and had had a few, and started raving about "putting all Jews in ovens." It was embarrassing. I can't say what percent have that kind of prejudice, or what his history was (he was Iraqi, from Baghdad, a "Baghdadi," is Arabic for "know-it-all" (look it up in your Hans Wehr). I do think there is quite a bit of antipathy between Isaac and Ishmael. It is a shame, of course.

      Bears are wary of all men, but Bears want to be friends with everyone. Sometimes their big mouths and penchant for calling them as they see them get them into trouble, though.

      I don't think it is a question of who are the good guys or the bad guys. There are both. Most are neither.

    2. Kathleen,
      The book: "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: And Its Impact On World History" by the Catholic scholar, E. Michael Jones, may help answer your questions. He writes: "You cannot understand the history of the west beginning with the time of Christ, unless you understand the role of the Jew as the protagonist of anti-Logos" It's an eye-opener.

    3. I am totally ignorant and gullible. My brother-in-law is not. When he found out my husband and daughter are going to Israel on tour, he begged them not to go, based on the writings of Dr. Jones.

  3. talk about public service announcements, today during Mass, at the Prayer of Intentions, the priest fumbled his words. It was like he started to pray for the protection of the unborn, but cut himself off and instead prayed "for the common good". He is a young parochial vicar. Pray for our priests.
    and yes, thank God for blogs, especially this one.

  4. Thanks Bear. Good summation of the on-going tragedy of the Vatican II Catholic Church which embraced humanistic Communism. And now with Commissar Francis we are descending further into the hell of ignorance and unbelief.

    For example, the Jews. If Christ would only have known how his mission was going to turn out he would have never bothered. Sitting up in heaven He has be feeling a little stupid and terribly disappointed.

    Of course, He knew all of this was going to happen 2000 years later when it was time to close the curtain.

    How does it feel to live in such interesting times? Not too good I would say.

  5. I highly recommend visiting Israel if you ever have the opportunity. Just remember, it's tiny. Not like we're used to in the U.S. Don't go to the West Bank.

  6. If the State of Israel had to go I would recommend the reestablishing the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The only problem with that, of course, would be finding a bunch of French and Norman Knights to rule it.


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