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Lent Book Shipment Status

Buster Resting Up for the Big Push
If you orderd a copy of 

First of all, thank you.

The original shipment of books was accidentally delivered to someplace in Missouri, not to Bear's Cave. Red Death got one from Amazon (which has the paperback edition for $18.99 or the Kindle version for $9.99.) The rest should arrive soon.

You can also purchase an autographed paperback direct from the Bear using the PayPal DONATE link on the sidebar to the right. Please do include instructions regarding autograph and how you would like it inscribed.

As soon as he receives his shipment, he will autograph them and inscribe them per instructions in the PayPal orders. (If there are no instructions regarding an inscription, Bear will simply autograph them in generic fashion.)

Autographed copies will be passed to the head of our shipping department, Buster along with addresses to be wrapped and shipped.

Shipping is free in the United States for single copies. For orders placed from outside the U.S., the Bear will inform you of shipping costs. Please keep in mind that shipping costs outside the U.S. can be greater than the price of the book.

Still plenty of time to get in on the first wave. Buy from the authors and you will receive an electronic version to tide you over until you get your paperback copy.

SAINT CORBINIAN'S BEAR LENTEN COMPANION for BEARISH HUMANS  is 178 pages, including front matter and the authors' pictures and bios at the end. It is not very much like the Lentblogging the Bear does. For one thing, the Bear had the time to craft each story with care. For another, the book traces the character arc of the Bear's adventure through his first Lent. Each day presents a different story illustrating a certain lesson usually with commentary provided by St. Corbinian himself. Thus, it has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

It has a few professional illustrations to help you remember certain points and each chapter has study questions. (Bear wanted to call them"reflections," but study questions they are). The questions are designed more to make the reader think about the day's lesson, rather than test her reading comprehension.

It is written to be read one day at a time. Not only do they track the authors' experiences of Lent, day-by-day, but it is better to think about the material, rather than gulp down several chapters at once. There are SPOILERS, too.

A couple of early birds have already gotten their reviews up at Amaszon (both 5-stars.) After the 40 days and completion of the book, please do the Bear a favor of providing a nice review, if you found it worthwhile, or, if not, please let the Bear know how he might make it better.

The stories are deceptively short, but always meaningful. And often quite funny, as is the case with the Bear trying to come to spiritual grips with his eating of a barn animal, with an internal monologue describing it as "a suspicious death."


Imaginative, deep. This is a great writer that has helped to stoke the Lenten fire.

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