Friday, March 16, 2018

Lentblogging Day 31- Who Do You Want to Be on Easter?

As Lent draws near its end, it is a good time to look behind us and see what our Lenten program looks like.

The Bear hopes yours is better than his. He looks behind him and thinks a frat party could hardly have made a worse shambles.

And, yet, he cannot say the exercise has been unfruitful.

Lent isn't a game where you win or lose. It's a handful of choices that mark your desire to cooperate with the grace of God in a special way for 40 days. Your discipline, your fasting, your prayers, your almsgiving and your service to others will not be perfect. Perhaps you have done better than the Bear. You could hardly have done worse. However, Lent is not a game in which we keep score against others, either.

From the beginning, the Bear has thought it best to pick just one virtue to grow and one vice to root out. What if we really did that every year? If the best you have come up with is "to be a better Catholic," or even "the best Catholic you can be," the Bear thinks you might benefit from refining your goal.

Bears, as you know, are very practical. Perhaps too practical for the tastes of some, but that's okay.

Fortunately, there's still time. Not only during Lent, but as long as you draw breath. If you're feeling a bit panicked because your counting stone pile is small, you can still enjoy the feast, then continue a little Lent after. Lent is like the "reset button." It stops the momentum of worldly life and lets us start again.

The unworthy Bear will be praying for you, as he hopes you may pray for him.


  1. Thanks Bear. As you point out, when we fail in our Lenten resolutions let us use this failure as an opportunity for humility.

  2. There you go Bear - you have well explained the Lenten experience: "Not only during Lent, but as long as you draw breath." !!

  3. That frat party visited my house too.

  4. Thanks Bear, I know I've doubted how fruitful my Lent has been. Im heading to Adoration today and now I know what to pray for.


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