Sunday, April 29, 2018

Rush to Judgment

You know, visitors, woodland creatures, friends and benefactors, the Bear was wondering whether Judging Angels needs a sequel, after all. The character arc of the protagonist is, after all, resolved. The theme that bad choices have consequences is carried out to the nth degree. There are no contractual obligations to worry about.

A sequel would satisfy reader curiosity on a couple of points and be fun to write. The Bear would like to tackle the theme of free will in the universe of a sovereign God (since none of the upcoming Marvel comic book movies appear to be doing so). The problem is, he has written about three sequels, none of which have satisfied him.

This last one was going to be it.

The Bear’s driver, bodyguard, factotum and occasional co-author, muse and critic read the new treatment and her opinion was similar to Roger Ebert’s about Deuce Bigalow, European Gigalo, although she was less mean about it. (It was vastly different from previous versions of the sequel beta readers may have seen.) Bear thought it might have worked, but, after all, that’s why a good writer has a good backstop.

And now poor Bear doesn’t even have a publisher. “I destroyed my last publishing company in less than a year!” is not exactly the tag line an author wants. No, it’s not true. It wasn’t the Bear. Someday, the story may be told, like the July 19-20 1952 UFO invasion over Washington D.C. (The Bear did tell it, now that he thinks of it.) Pretty weird.

So, here we are. Once again, the Bear wishes Marcelle the best in her promising film career and any future publishing endeavors. Meanwhile, the Bear’s sequel still looks like the combination String Theory and Wall Full of Crazy tropes in Homeland, except Saul Berenson is nowhere in sight to figure out the color code. (Last week was pretty wild, with some SVR vs. GRU civil disturbance in Moscow, huh? Plot silly as usual, though. And is Elizabeth going to get the kill order on Philip before he defects to Stan in this last season of The Americans? She looks like she’s defeated already, exhausted and just going through the motions of killing people now.)

Finally, if you read one or both of our books, please take a moment for a short Amazon review if you liked it. The Bear will submit the electronic files to Amazon, get a ASIN and - supposedly - the reviews will migrate.


  1. Bear, I've been a neglectful friend. I have Judging Angels on my Kindle, and haven't read it yet, despite my best intentions. It wasn't that I started it and lost interest, it was that I haven't read anything for pleasure since this...pope...finagled his way into office. I need to get away from that. Judging Angles is the first thing I will read this summer, I promise, as I reduce my time involved in the devolution of our planet and turn to lighter things. All I know is, you're a gifted writer, positively.

  2. We smaller woodland creatures know that Bear gets to decide for himself what he wants to do, within the bounds of what's allowed by the Lord of course. That said, count me as one vote in favor of giving the sequel another try. I was one of the beta readers for both JA and the previous attempt(s) and I thought there was a lot of potential there, and that you were going to find it. I still think you would if you decide to keep on. Just my opinion. Like Kathleen, I haven't been doing much reading for my own entertainment in the past five years or so, but JA was a very worthy exception. You are correct that it can stand on its own without a sequel, but we all would enjoy knowing more about the further adventures of...well, the folks who still are in any condition for adventures. Don't want to spoil anything for anyone.

  3. woops, "Angels" not "Angles". dear.


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