Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Statement On Hope and Life Press

The Bear was sad to learn his publisher is going out of business. The first thought he had was how we brought out two books of which the Bear is very proud despite holding such radically different opinions. We worked to make our partnership successful, which is why the Bear can say he’s sorry to see Hope and Life go and wishes Marcelle the best.

The silver lining is that rights to the Bear’s two books (and Red Death’s one book) will revert much sooner than they would have under contract. As in at once. It will be nice to own JUDGING ANGELS and SAINT CORBINIANS BEAR LENTEN COMPANION for BEARISH HUMANS. They will be transitioned to independent ebooks and made available on Amazon until the Bear lands another publisher.

The sequel to JUDGING ANGELS is being worked on for a release as Christmas comes up.

The Bear is aware he still owes a few books to people. He hasn’t been feeling well lately, but will make that happen.

If anyone has any questions or comments, now’s the time.

Bear out.


  1. Thanks Bear that’s good news I hope. By the way, I sent you $18.99 or something like that for a Lenten Companion book but never received it. Please comment. Mike

    1. Sorry for the delay with you and a couple of other people. We’ll get them out today.

  2. You put forth two wonderful works of prose in your published books Bear. For that I am grateful. Everything else you write is pretty wonderful too. Please keep up your God-given talent and know there is a time for everything under the sun...

  3. Oh Bear, please feel better soon. Jesus, have mercy on Bear, guide and help him and his family. Amen.
    My stupid Paypal was not accessible the day I tried to purchase the Lenten Companion.
    Come on Bear, we miss you. It's a bit of a stinking world without the Bear.

  4. Sorry to hear this! My condolences to Marcelle.

    Glad to have you back around Great Bear.


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