Wednesday, May 16, 2018

About Those Missing Seven Days...

EMBEARRASSED. Bear noticed (apparently the only one) his protagonist in Judging Angels has a mysterious seven-day gap in his whereabouts, or possibly sojourn in alternate time dimension. Trying to figure out how to address this.

-Shows up naked in grocery store after “Walter White Fugue.”
-Wakes up in a motel with a dead hooker, but Italian guys take care of it.
-Says he spent seven days trapped in a shower with someone named “Bobby.”
-Has been busy putting up flyers with the picture of some redhead that say HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN?
-Stalking his estranged wife.
-Taping cooking show with his famous “Krow Kebab” recipe.
-Locked up by elderly blind lady downstairs “to keep you out of trouble.”
-Remind readers that he is, after all, suffering from postconcussive syndrome so who knows?
-Wait until sequel to explain it (along with everything else).
-Pre-kidnapping all his children so they’ll know what to expect.
-Just working on the old love nest (replacing mirror, washing walls, cleaning up after search warrant execution, and trying to get that smell of shellfish out of his kitchen).
-Working hard to pay off Totally Not My Girlfriend, Just Giving a Girl a Hand related credit card debt.
-Memorizing pickup lines from famous poems, which is really hard with postconcussive syndrome.

Could really use some help.

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