Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Has Everyone Got their Books?

According to Buster, all books for which we have addresses have been shipped. Sometimes there is no physical address associated with a PayPal account, though. Unless you send it to me by email, Buster can’t send the book.

So... if you are patiently waiting for your book and have yet to receive it, beatings will commence until Buster divulges the problem. Or, you might just send us the physical address (we can ship in U.S. and Canada for free) and a brief note.

And there are a few trade paperback copies of both JUDGING ANGELS and SAINT CORBINIAN’S BEAR LENTEN COMPANION for BEARISH HUMANS (illustrated) availabile from moi. $29.99 for the former and $18.99 for the latter. There will probably be another Lent, you know! Wives, give a copy of JA to your husbands. Definitely good for those Pre-Cana discussions (or at least one priest thought so). Buy one and mount it under glass on the wall with a little hammer, and put a sign over it: BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF REDHEAD.

If you liked what you read, please share a short review. The Bear grows weary of begging, but Amazon reviews are ridiculously important. Thank you for your support.

In Goat News, MASSIVE BREAKOUT today. But, do not be alarmed, citizens. All 18 escapees captured. Usually, it’s just the little ones. This was a full-fledged Paul Newman The Great Escape!


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