Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Book News for Friends of this Ephemeris

Red Death will kill me if I put another
writing-related dime on our VISA.
As you know, the Bear's treatment of marriage and temptations, Judging Angels, became unavailable when its publisher folded. Always one to make lemonade out of lemons, the Bear took the opportunity to carefully edit 38,000 words from the original. Now, it has the same characters, same story, same themes, but moves faster and stays focused. I don't think any previous reader would miss anything.

It will be republished as The Do-Over Birdy with new, more modern cover artwork that will be carried from book to book. Before that, it will be getting professional work at the hands of an experienced editor.

(Which is not cheap.)

It will be concurrently published with book 2 of the series, The Crow Hunter, which picks up the action (from a different perspective) toward the last page of The Do-Over Birdy and adds some new characters Bear thinks you'll like.

The Bear has also been working on book 3, Conspiracy of Crows. (Books 2 and 3 were originally one overlong, overcomplicated book, so he split them into separate ones, which accounts for the progress on both.)

Each book will be as thematically serious as the first, while maintaining that light touch that separates them from most urban fantasy (and certainly horror) novels.

However these books reach the public, the project costs money the Bear just doesn't have. Unlike a blog article, which is here today and gone tomorrow, a book needs sound editorial assistance to make the right first impression. If you have read the Bear's books, or at least his 1448 free articles on a wide variety of topics and enjoyed them, the Bear politely begs for any salmon you can spare for this project specifically. A patron of the arts! That can be you!

Thank you.
The Bear


  1. Sloth here,

    What is "modern cover art work that will be carried from book to book"?

    1. It means simple with an emblematic feature that can be carried from book to book, unlike the original cover, which I thought was cool for that book, but not for a series, and a bit too on the nose.

  2. Do the different levels of salmon donations receive various amounts of full-throated, anti-Francis/heretics essays?

    1. The Bear would rather say that, understandably, he built a certain audience and with just a few exceptions (thank you!) the salmon runneth not in the stream any longer. Other bloggers may do as they think best. However, the internet will sabotage all their good intentions and a permanent anti-papal party has been established that is inconsistent with my view of the Catholic Church. I have simply chosen to believe that the Church continues to exist and remains a hierarchy, which is independent of what my opinion of Pope Francis is. The Church has enough problems without people trying to use an untried and poorly understood medium to somehow "fix it" as an ad hoc committee of interested laypersons.


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